Diablo III B.net Background Online

Blizzard has posted the Diablo III background image you’ll see on your game account when/if that glorious day comes. The image is here on the Battle.net server, or better yet, you can see it below, being used as the core of a realistic B.net account mock-up. Thanks to KuangTu for the visual.

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  1. if this only could be my bnet acc… 😀

  2. Pornographic!



  3. almost there  :bloody:

  4. Thumbs up, if you instanly checked your mails, when you saw that pic.

  5. Damn! The Game Key KJKJI3KKB343BBKk3BNOIV3KVU did not work :P! Well I atleast tried ;).

  6. someone please invite me when its released, im not lucky enough to get in im sure

    please 🙂

  7. I’m super excited about the game but I’ve waited this long, I don’t really need a beta key.  It will still be enjoyable to read others’ experiences even if I can not do so myself.  One day it will be here.

  8. It’s… glooorius!

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