A blue posted in a thread about making costly item mistakes in Diablo 3, and spurred something I wanted to mention.

    Whats your most painful mistake this week in D3?

    Mine’s salvaging my best shoulders accidentally whilst trying out new ones to see what benefits I would get.
    Grimiku: I bought a Doomhammer that upgraded a lot of stats, and then realized I couldn’t use it because I didn’t put Life Steal in the search filters. It wasn’t too expensive, but it was enough that I had to settle for lesser Zuni boots later on.

    I think most of us have done something along those lines while playing the item game? I recall one time months ago, when I was searching for quiver upgrades for my Demon Hunter (in softcore, obviously). I did a bunch of searches, looking for the best value in DiabloWikiIAS, CC, Dex, Vit, +Max Discipline, etc, and finally found one that looked like a really good deal. Like a steal, really. I snapped it up for something like 3m, greedily sent it to my stash, created a game, rushed to equip my new toy… and found that the DPS number was a red -8000.

    Since I’d been shopping for (and had certainly paid for) an upgrade on my current quiver, I was a little shocked, and tried out a few new words when I realized that during all of my searching and changing of parameters I’d somehow dropped DiabloWikiCritical hit Chance as a property, and had thus bought a fantastic quiver at a great price… since it lacked the single most important/valuable quiver stat. (Best I recall, I immediately put it back up for sale and got something like 3/4 of my purchase price back; probably from someone else who had screwed up the same search as me.)

    Early AH sample screenshot... with commas in list prices.

    Early AH sample screenshot… with commas in list prices.

    Another mistake I have not made, though fear I will one day, is missing a digit when listing items. We talked about this on a recent podcast and Xanth admitted to doing it once; pricing something a full digit lower than he meant to, thanks to the inexplicable fact that the AH *STILL* doesn’t show commas or periods between every three digits. (This was a big deal in news and blue comments last November, and yet the seemingly-simple problem remains untreated.)

    As I recall Xanth’s story, he meant to post a legendary for 18,000,000, or the eye-glazing 18000000 in B.net terms. But he missed a zero, put it up for 1,800,000 and of course someone bought it .01 seconds after the auction went live and that was that.

    I have not (yet) fallen prey to that error, but every time I post an auction for more than seven figures you can bet I count the damn zeros. I’m often tempted to post auctions that look like bad binary code, just so I can count the digits accurately. List items for 80100100, rather than 80000000 and hope I didn’t blow it by a factor of 10.

    Use the comments to share your painful mistakes with the group, and join in the catharsis of confession.

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