For those of you who live in the East, you can go and greet DiabloWikiBashiok and Crithto at the Diablo III booth. You can also play the new panda pack for World of Warcraft if you’re into that sorta thing.

    What may interest Diablo III fans most, though, is that they’re taking beta sing-ups directly from those who come by.

    Heads up to all of you who are Boston-bound, Crithto and I (Bashiok) will be cozying up with NVIDIA in the NVIDIA Freeplay & Tournament Area at PAXEast! We’ll be showcasing the Diablo III and Mists of Pandaria betas on NVIDIA hardware, chatting you guys up about the games as you saunter by, and holding Diablo III beta signups.

    Come for the games, stay for the witty banter! … Or beta keys. You probably care more about beta keys.

    So if you haven’t got a beta key already and you happen to be traveling to the East Coast of the US, go and pick your beta key up in Boston.

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