The G-Star convention went off last November, giving Korean fans a chance to play the Blizzcon 2010 demo. Those of us who did not attend were also winners, since we saw great interface photos and a gameplay movie with video quality as good as the gameplay was bad.

    Today brings yet more from G-Star, since Fmulder dug up a Korean gaming blog entry with a ton of coverage of the show, including great pictures of the Diablo III booth, a short ninja gameplay movie, and even a brief clip of Jay Wilson answering a question that can’t quite be understood.

    Here’s a link to the Google translation of the blog entry and yes, it’s just as amazing a read as those Korean D3 twitters were last week. See fmulder’s forum thread for some comprehensible human-executed translations courtesy of MakeLoveNotDupe, and discussion about the event.

    You see a few of the better photos below. Click to the G-Star 2010 gallery for lots more pictures from the event, including several item stat hovers and some views of the game interface. Also, Jay Wilson with the tallest Korean in Seoul!


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