Diablo IIIFor a while now, we’ve been able to see all the slides shown at the GDC panel for Diablo III art and a few small video interviews here and there. IGN even had a fairly inclusive transcript and high-res preview of the panel. However, fans had asked consistently about whether or not there was a video of the segment.

    DiabloWikiBashiok was doubtful of whether or not it was recorded, but it seems that his doubts have been abated. The website GDC Vault allows fans to listen to the earthy tones of Christian Lichtner as he delves through the process of bringing Diablo III’s art to life. While you probably have seen the art panel by now, it also includes some gameplay clips you probably haven’t.

    Watch the whole thing at the following link: GDC Vault!

    Thank you, z00t for the tip!

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