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Diablo IIIFor a while now, we’ve been able to see all the slides shown at the GDC panel for Diablo III art and a few small video interviews here and there. IGN even had a fairly inclusive transcript and high-res preview of the panel. However, fans had asked consistently about whether or not there was a video of the segment.

DiabloWikiBashiok was doubtful of whether or not it was recorded, but it seems that his doubts have been abated. The website GDC Vault allows fans to listen to the earthy tones of Christian Lichtner as he delves through the process of bringing Diablo III’s art to life. While you probably have seen the art panel by now, it also includes some gameplay clips you probably haven’t.

Watch the whole thing at the following link: GDC Vault!

Thank you, z00t for the tip!

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  1. Very Nice! Thank you for posting this!

  2. I just paused when he was equipping gear, just letting you know stats.
    Lvl 49
    610 Armor
    20% chance to block
    74-97 block amount
    +27 str, +48 dex, +17 int, +44vit, +179 hp from globes
    2 socketed w/ +26str, +26vit gems
    awwww yeahhh

  3. An hour long video with Christian Lichtner talking about some awesome Diablo stuff!!!
    Ugh DAMNIT Nizaris…… I was going to go to sleep…. I have to work tonight!!! 👿

    • Unfortunately for you it’s well worth the watch so prepare for an hour less sleep 🙂

      This video really illustrates how much work ends up on the ‘cutting room floor’ before they end up with something they’re happy with and what works.

      Demon Steed sounds intriguing. He’s half a monster but they’re not revealing the other half of him just now. 🙂

      • Since he’s a steed, one must assume that he can be mounted by another demon? I’m assuming this is where the ‘half’ idea came from.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂

  4. So I guess this means, it’s not a sheablo? It’s a more cultured, intelligent Diablo, like a Cainablo or something? To be honest just from the slides the D2 Diablo seems more terrifying, but I can’t wait to see how they pull it off in the actual game.

  5. That’s what I waited for, thanks!! Interesting stuff. 

  6. That was nice. Decent amount of clips.

    – That first clip they showed would make for a great commercial / trailer moment, especially when the Barb rapidly equips an item set piece by piece.

    – Is that an old version of Cathedral? It seems to almost have light radius. Enemies are coming out of an outer darkness. Current Cathedral is bright and you can see forever.

    – Their ‘photorealistic’ mock up looked like trash. Was it in full bright? Seemed like an alpha of an alpha of a 2003 game. It kinda looked like the old Blizz North build.

    – I didn’t have any problem seeing the character in either setup. It’s not hard at all, especially in a Diablo game when the player’s model is always in the center.

    – I still don’t like their thick red target outline. I’d like options for a thinner red or the old white highlighted D2 style they showed here (not hard to see at all either).

    – Ingame models of Azmodan and Maiden of Lust are sick. Looks way more detailed than anything else we’ve seen. I know this is like the 3rd time they’ve told the story but I still find it hard to believe they’d almost toss such a cool design before the Blizzcon costume girl used it.

    – Since they wanted to stray from bulky they should’ve stuck with the first ‘sinister’ skinny version of Diablo imo. Or maybe use that for another demon. Because that is just too good to throw away. Almost looks like a bloodied up Meph maybe. I’d like a poster of that guy.

    – I wonder if the three heads was really just a random maybe Dante inspired thing they did or is due to the various theories of Diablo also having Meph/Baal inside him.

    • are you kidding? that photo-realistic mock-up looked great (for something that was a MOCK-UP) – imagine if Blizzard applied their polish in that art direction? I feel it really held the darker atmosphere of the first two games that the current aesthetic, with EVERY location having an overt ‘colour’ dominating it, does not! I do appreciate D3’s current art style, but as its own, not as a ‘Diablo’ game. Blizzard North’s design had scale and grandeur to it and I regret not being able to experience Diablo’s grounded, serious universe again (’cause after SC2, I can assume that the story will be butchered (prophecies and all, no crafty narrative structure like D2), the music will be inconsistent, good here, bad there (by bad I mean ripped off some popular film – jeez Brower, you could have some subtlety), and the VAs will be horrible (I don’t just blame the actors, but the directing too))

  7. notice how he continuely talks about the festering woods… im thinking that the accidental leaking of the unplayable “content” wasnt an accident at all… also the other versions of diablo were so much better… totally cooler, and actually demon like… the only way it would be saved if diablo actually was leah, than it would make sense..also i would like to add some of those skills seemed pretty childish and not diablo like at all…. the giant toad? gay.. barbarian earthquake? hes supposed to be a master of arms not a caster.. and the monk bell thing? what?

  8. “stylization over realism” aha
    “strong silhouettes” mm mhm
    “bold use of colour” k

    • look at 25:15. i think it looks very nice! it feels like my eyes are happy!
      and i heavily doubt that it would be a real problem to keep track of monsters, other players and spells!

  9. Holy sheit the 1st concept of Azmodan looked amazing, I hope they used it somewhere else in the game…. Belial looks similar but hes more of a mix of the Pyramid Head and a Shark.

  10. Wow, just wow.. One of the most intresting Diablo talks/presentations/panels yet!

    I love how you get to see how they help out gameplay and the look of the game by techniques like 2,5D tree’s and painting in the lightmap to models (like how the tail of Siege Breaker was painted darker to give a sense of depht to a monster of that size).

    I personaly think Diablo III is one of the best looking games ever, in terms of the art design. After having played Path of Exile during the open weekend beta, I can’t even belive that some people think that game even holds a candle to Diablo III graphics vise. I’m really happy they went in this direction.

    Cool presentation that makes the wait even more unbearable! 

  11. It’s amazing how good the game looks with so little.  Playable for the masses but still has a great look.   If you don’t like it don’t play it.  The fact is an over whelming majority like the look of the game.

  12. Amazing stuff, thanks a lot.

  13. That was very interesting. I like the painterly style of the game much more than their original design.

  14. Well worth the time! Thanks for sharing.
    If I am not mistaken, you can actually see parts of the ingame model of Diablo in there…
    (So a small spoiler alert. Azmodans model is also shown!)

  15. Gameplay… There was a time when it was king. Back in the days when you were sitting with 4-5 mates around a C-64, playing games like Summer Games, Track & Field, and didn’t give a toss about how it looked, because it was fun as hell to play.

    Diablo 3 may not be the most awesome looking game in the world, though I cannot see a reason to complain, but from playing the beta, I know it’s fun as hell to play – which, ultimately, is what I want from a game. 

  16. is it John Carmack talking about dynamic lighting @ minute 55?

  17. I’m glad that I took the time to look at this. There were several art pieces that I must have missed in the past which I enjoyed looking at. Also, the Giant Toad animation is a lot less “cute” than what I was expecting from them.

  18. Even from a layman’s POV this was a very interesting presentation.

  19. One thing I noticed: the questions asked in this video are a MILLION times better than those you hear at Blizzcon. Wish more people like this went to the convention.

  20. Since i am one of the peopel who is absolutluy in love with how this game looks this was very fun to wacth. It is very interesteing to see all the tricks that they are using to make the game with such low system requiremnts look so beautiful and timless. It takes a real talent and artisitic vision rather thatn just “oh lets up the number of polygons so your graphics card melts and in two years the game will look crap anyway” approach. Well done to them and i hope this game will stay beautiful and be played for many years to come!

    • Agreed. Though I still think they should cut the close ups in the character selection/creation screen. The game looks truly great from an isometric view, but wasn’t designed to be seen form a closer distance, and that’s a bit too obvious.

  21. there is also one more movie but for gdc members:
    Julian Love, Lead Technical Artist – Giant Toads and Zombie Bears: Technical Art Re-envisioned for Diablo 3 Wednesday 5:00- 6:00

  22. its funny how he doesnt mention anything about the fact that half the thing with their painterly style is a cheap full screen blur filter..

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