Diablo III Arrives For Jay Wilson

I guess there are some perks to being Lead Game Designer. DiabloWikiJay Wilson seems to be enjoying his new shiny box displayed on his desk. The tease.

Diablo 3 Box

The real box arrived! http://t.co/xOeyqtaX

Not that he needed a boxed copy. I’m just wondering why he didn’t order the CE.

Update by Flux: Just for lulz, does the “real” box look more real than some of the past fake boxes? Samples below:

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54 thoughts on “Diablo III Arrives For Jay Wilson

    • Scumbag Jay Wilson

      Is the lead game designer of Diablo 3

      Doesn’t buy Collector’s Edition 

      • Why would he need the CE? He gets all of the items for free if he wants. Plus, each CE is numbered, and someone higher up probably got number 1! The picture is of the metal case the game CD comes in. It isn’t of the whole boxed item. He probably did get a CE since the case is same for both versions of the game. 

        • Nobody said it is numbered, and it doesn’t look like tin to me.
          But it is pretty. 

      • This may be from the CE, since inside the big white box you get the normal D3 game in the same box as everyone else.

  1. Now that’s just outright cruel. The rest of us sorry folks still have another 39 days to go.
    I like the art on the box though.

  2. wow they had to go and make a rainbow-fest out of the box art too. just another example of blizzard not having a clue about art direction. epic fail on the box art blizz, no longer even considering D3

  3. And thus nerds all over the world began plans for the Jay Wilson’s Copy of Diablo 3 heist…

    • Another sad by product of the online-only DRM… we can’t even fantasize about stealing this from Jay, or getting our own copy early, since it wouldn’t be playable anyway… 🙁

  4. I’m trying to think of it in 10 day chunks.  Its helping so far.  10 days is not that long, and when this next 10 day chunk is gone, it’ll be the 15th of the month before release!

    Then, after that next 10 day chunk is gone, itl practically be May.. and then.. the home stretch  

  5. Wonder if the box has that uber “cool and awesome feel” that Jay is always measuring D3 against.

    • It’s easy enough for grandma to unwrap it. But not install it. She needs to call in help for that one.

  6. I thought i’d let everyone know a bunch of BESTBUYs are pre-ordering/doing midnight release of collectors edition. I had mine ordered from amazon but went to bestbuy and pre-ordered theirs yesterday so that i could play at midnight. 

    Just thought people would like to know its not sold out except at major gaming stores. 

  7. Keep in mind that devs often get boxes/memorabilia early as a “thanks for all the overtime” gift. It might not even contain the manual / game cd, just a box to frame.

    The last game I worked on we got a really nice metal-case with an (unreleased) “making of” DVD and a poster. That’s in addition to the Collector’s Edition I received at release, and a figurine…

  8. Clearly Jay doesn’t want to grab a CE from one of the hopeful fans! He suffers for your sake.
    No box for me. It is kinda sad when I think about it. Boxes are cool.

  9. I don’t like the boxart, he looks like a burnt piece of coal and it’s way too unimaginative, Diablo 2 at least had the wanderer as a skeleton. Would have looked better with just the logo or at least another image of Diablo, there are many better ones.

  10. I’m glad I’m getting the CE, I could resell it for a 2.5 markup if I wanted, but I won’t.

  11. I actually prefer the fake box on the left, the extra detail on it makes it look more authentic? But any old box will do if the game is a good sequel to D2. Box goes in bin anyhow. Box in Bin! 😈

  12. This is good. It is as if he is trying to tell the world “Relax guys, it is really happening. Be patient and soon, this will be yours too.”

  13. Why would he buy CE ??? Give me reason?? If he wants one CE he can take one! He is Lead designare for Diablo3 ! OMG what stupied questions..

  14. Who even gets box these days? All you need is account, dvd is useless, manual?
    Unless someone is building a shrine, all diablo game boxes there, that makes more sense. 

    • I love boxes for some games. I like to have them on a bookcase, shitty games that I wont spend much time with or wont have for years ill just have on the cloud

  15. I still can’t imagine why they gave up on the old box art, it was clearly better. This one looks so amateurish and it is badly placed.It’s just fucking bad.
    Ps: oh yeah and the old boxart Diablo is clearly a male…the new one is a female.

  16. I will tell you why he did not order a CE version. Because there would have been an outcry over him not buying it and how one more person could have gotn theirs…err:)

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