Diablo III Arcade Style Cabinet

A handycrafter video game player constructed his own arcade-style Diablo III cabinet. It even plays with a joystick, via some custom software. It looks pretty cool and definitely evokes the good old days of Gauntlet and other arcade games, though I don’t want to think about playing Diablo III (or any game, these days) while standing up. A quote from the designer’s blog:

I grew up playing Gauntlet on old-school arcade machines. They came out with other console versions later, but using the joystick and buttons was always my favourite.

The cabinet was built out of plywood because it’s cheap. I had the decals printed up and when they were put on, they took the shape of the wood grain so it looked as though they were painted on. I didn’t design any of the images on this.

The joystick and buttons are from sparkfun.com (great website). They are wired into an arduino. I wrote an intermediate program in VB.NET to interface the controls with the game. There is NO modification to any game files as everything works outside the game.

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18 thoughts on “Diablo III Arcade Style Cabinet

  1. EPIC job mate.
    At least there is a nice use of all this console-oriented concept of the game.

  2. One thing that won’t feel like Gauntlet is when you get the message “Sorry but Diablo 3 is down for maintenance, please try again later”…

  3. That’s awesome and the decals look great. Having to deal with the interface using a keyboard makes me shudder, but it looks like with that setup he could resolve it very quickly.

    What’s the software that allows movement independent of the cursor like he has? I only know of a script for the G13…

  4. And Blizzard has yet to even officially announce a console version because they had problems with controls…..

  5. Impressive indeed, though I can only assume it’s slow and imprecise without the ability to rapidly flick a mouse to swap to specific targets or pick up items off the ground. I see he’s using a DH with that carpet bomb skill, Caltrops with the damaging rune, and a sentry so he doesn’t really need to aim at much.

    It’s cool it works and hopefully he finds it fun after putting in all that effort. But I’d be very surprised if he could survive long in the later difficulties.

    • You probably don’t recognize it since it’s using real drums and real guitars. It’s based on an older music form called ‘rock’, nothing like the mass-produced, synthesized, electronic, sequenced, heavy-effected ‘music’ of today. It used to take 3-5 guys in a ‘band’ to ‘create’ music in a ‘studio’, not one guy and a laptop. Cheers!

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