Diablo III is the sixth most anticipated video games of 2009, according to some industry semi-insiders. Why only sixth? Date indecision.

    Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 heads up the list of top 10 most anticipated games to be released this year, as the franchise that has spawned multiple games, novels and movies returns next month.

    Sony’s Killzone 2 is the second most anticipated game of the year, ahead of its release exclusively on PlayStation 3 next month, a week before Capcom’s Street Fighter IV, the third most anticipated on the list.

    Blizzard’s return to StarCraft II – a game that is due to open its beta shortly – was in fourth place, just peaking Quantic Dreams’ Heavy Rain.

    Another Blizzard title, Diablo 3, made sixth on the list, although it may be wishful thinking as the developer has not confirmed any release date for the dungeon-crawling favourite.

    Click the link to see their top ten titles in three categories: most anticipated, projected sales, and dark horses.

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