Diablo III and Ongoing Support

Diablo III and Ongoing Support

Blizzard just posted their blog about the future support about Diablo 3. Ongoing Content & Seasons, and more. Plus every class will get a new set in the future. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and the forums.

Diablo III and Ongoing Support

Whether your personal journey with Diablo III began today or nearly seven years ago upon our launch, we want to give you an update on our ongoing development efforts with the game. Here’s what you can expect going forward from Seasons and patches.

Ongoing Content & Seasons

Beginning with Season 14, we introduced Themed Seasons. The goal was simple: change the expected gameplay loop and create unique experiences from Season to Season. Whether mixing up where the most rewarding gameplay lives or altering the source of your character’s most potent legendary powers, we want to continue to explore new and exciting ways to change how you play Diablo III.

Since the addition of themed Seasons, Season 16 was one of the most popular Seasons overall, with Season 17 showing similar participation. On PC alone, we saw nearly as many people return for Season 16 as Season 11, the first Season in which the Necromancer was available. We’ve heard your feedback about wanting new ways to play and to change up your gameplay experience. Based on your positive feedback and increased participation in Themed Seasons, we think we are moving in the right direction. Continue to let us know how we can make your adventures even better!

Our crew is hard at work crafting additional Themed Seasons, a new set for each class, dozens of Legendary powers, and some class balance changes. Quality of life and the occasional gameplay system updates are also within scope, as we evaluate how we can keep bringing new magic to the world of Sanctuary. These updates won’t arrive all at once, so if you don’t see something for your class right away, don’t worry; there’s something coming for everyone.

PTR and Feedback

For Season 16, we tried a new approach to launching and executing a PTR. With only one week of public testing, patch notes were provided in advance and a follow-up preview into the final changes was posted before the patch went live.

This approach was highly successful. In the past, we would lose a lot of development potential to deploying additional PTR builds for incremental changes and, consequently, increase the amount of time it would take to deploy on our various supported platforms. PTR participation drops extremely rapidly after the first week, as does the amount of data and feedback, so we plan to continue to use this condensed PTR format going forward.

We also want to better highlight the changes made as a direct result of feedback. Not all changes happen because of PTR testing. Occasionally it’s from an amazing forum thread we read mid-season and have worked on (and tested internally) for several weeks in advance. Sometimes that “simple” quality of life request winds up being more complex than anticipated and gets punted to a future patch or cannot be implemented at all without unforeseen consequences. Other times someone swung by a designer’s desk at work and a brainstorm happened while they swapped tales about their Season Journey.

While one source isn’t always the reason behind a change we’ve made, we’re going to do our best to call out great feedback when it’s given, as well as further emphasize design intent and inspiration (when applicable) to changes in future patch notes. One thing is certain: we greatly appreciate the feedback and ask that you keep it coming, because inspiration comes from all places.

Being Clear, Being Communicative

One thing we’ve been asked for is to clarify what our plans are, what (exactly) we’re working on, and where the future will take us. This blog is one of our first steps. More frequent presence and interaction from our community team on our new forums, especially around patches and PTR cycles, is another. We want to be able to talk and interact with members of our community around the world on a regular basis about the thing we love that brings us together: Diablo.

We hope we’ve provided you a better idea of where we’re at with Diablo III. In the meantime, we want Sanctuary to feel like home to all heroes, so you can return whenever you have the itch to slay monsters, don powerful Legendaries, and always find something a little new.

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    10 thoughts on “Diablo III and Ongoing Support

    1. Same old bullshit. They bring out the line of “interaction from our community team on our new forums, especially around patches and PTR cycles”. They do it for a couple of months then vanish. Don’t know how many times I have heard this over the past decade.

      Only reason this could be happening again now is they need to get the community back onside prior to a D4 announcement then it’s rinse and repeat.

      • Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by the latest patch, and it looks like that’s gonna be pretty standard going forward. And I certainly never expected new class sets.

      • Unfortunately you are wrong.

        D3 does indeed continue to generate a lot of revenue today and will do so into the unforeseeable future.

        In China, D3 is free to play until level 60 with pay-to-win micro-transactions like XP boosts, as well as stash tabs and countless cosmetic micro-transactions.

        Everywhere else in the world, D3 keeps selling a lot of copies on consoles. “Old” D3 versions often are being sold across the globe to people that dont know anything about Diablo and Diablo III, and millions find out they have to re-buy the game to have the newest “patch version”, since like 10+ “D3 versions” exist across several consoles, and millions of people own several D3 copies on several consoles since a D3 license doesnt travel with you when you buy a new console, unlike a PC version of D3. This is one of the major reasons why D3 was castrated and ruined during development, because having it compatible and designed around consoles was THE most important objective for Activision Blizzard. PC Sales were only the very beginning of this money generator frenzy.

        Blizzard keeps marketing D3 as this huge success today, even though anyone half-intelligent knows that nothing has changed since D3’s launch in 2012, except for the removal of a must-have feature called trading as well as rehashing of how gear is used in D3 (mandatory sets, mandatory legendary items with mandatory legendary powers). Trading in D3 was heavily flawed from the very beginning as it made trading way to easy, but removing it all together was an idiotic move in the other extreme direction. (Thanks for nothing Josh, funny how you ran for the hills after your not so educated idea).

        D3 will always be this roller-coaster ride of idiotic ideas made by idiotically incompetent, yet polite and “nice” people, that happen to work for a company with a elaborate propaganda marketing department, spending never ending funds on marketing, rather than hiring people that know what Diablo 3 so sorely needed.

        • I’ve never owned any type of console so I may just be totally wrong, but it sounds like what you’re saying is that D3 on consoles doesn’t get updates? So if you buy a version that comes on a disc or whatever, you’re stuck with that version for ever?

          I thought one of the whole points of the XBox360 and PS4 moving to digital marketplaces is that you can get updates for the game that are stored on your hard drive?

    2. Pleasant stuff… or who cares?

      Even for Diablo addicts, one scheme must be… 1 or 2 weeks at season start, up to a month if there’s a real change, then get back to Diablo 2.

      As long as Diablo 2 exists, there will be a community. As long as Diablo 2 exists, kids can discover the franchise. Even modded for some variation and stuff, but the base is.

      Nothing new in my commentary? Yes, I must admit 😉

    3. I agree with kerrin and Mage Slayer last patch was a surprise imo mates cry like babies we want this and that Jesus christ its 7 years ago now. Maybe its human nature it seems like whatever blizzard do, mates complain over and over again. and all who praised D2 today are the same who complain for new patch and version few months after D2 saw the daylight. If you dont like a game stop playing how hard can it be??

    4. The reason they are opening up their communication channels is because of the work they’ve put into these coming updates to D3. I wouldn’t go on hoping just yet that it might be because D4 demos are around the corner.

    5. I dunno. I bought D3 on release and was really underwhelmed. Seems like every other game out there – marketed for millennials. Short attention spans and instant gratification. I just don’t think you can produce great games when your target audience also plays Clash of Clans, na mean?

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