Diablo III Amazon’s most preordered PC game ever

We all know Diablo III will sell tons of copies, but for it to be ranked most preordered game of all times on Amazon was a small surprise. It beat a number of huge titles such as the Call of Duty franchise, Grand Theft Auto , Halo and Blizzard’s own Starcraft II and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Source: Gamespot

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    45 thoughts on “Diablo III Amazon’s most preordered PC game ever

    1. Call me silly, but I think a big part of all this was due to the fact that the game has been postponed and delayed lots of times that made people want it even more. I guess being a big tease about the game works wonders huh? 😀 I can’t wait for the game!

    2. Not surprised since the title states most preordered PC game. If it was most preordered video game (including consoles) then I’d be surprised

      • well if diablo would be released for consoles simulteniously it could get the overall most preordered. But im not willing to pay this price , it doesnt need to be most popular for me to enjoy it the most .

        • I agree. If they had the opportunity to release it in console, the sales would have been off the roof.  Hardcore fans will definitely play this on PC, and those who doesn’t own one can play it on their consoles. The needs of different kinds of players will be catered with, resulting in more $$$.

        • I’m skeptical about that – some of the FPS games on consoles are hugely popular, and Diablo, great as it is, has more of a niche market.

      • Yeah, I’m not sure why Kaydee is mentioning Call of Duty and Halo, since titles receive most of their sales on consoles. They aren’t exactly big PC games.

    3. “It beat the numbers of huge titles as the Call of Duty franchise”
      I hope Bobby doesn’t see this. Oh no, I can see the title of the expansion already: Diablo 3 – The Brothers in Arms

    4. People were waiting forever for this game.. no wonder why it’s most preordered. I remember with friends we were talking about when D3 gonna come out and that was year 2005 😀

    5. Diablo 3 will shatter all records… and soulstones 😈

      its a worldwide simultaneous release… has that happened before with blizzard?

    6. so it will sell more than CoD mw3?
      afaik D3 is predicted to sell 4 mil and CoD sold 40 mil in the first week.
      i know the preorders dont have to mean anything. but still… i hope D3 will be enormously successfull. i want lots of people to play with and if blizz gets money maybe theyll develope the game more

      • MW3 didn’t sell 40 million in the first week, I doubt they even manufactured 40 million copies of the game to date.This quote is taken from the first site that google popped up with.
        “Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has become the fastest-selling video game in history, crushing previous records set by earlier titles in the Call of Duty franchise. The game lab on Tuesday announced that week-one sales of Modern Warfare 3 totaled 12.3 million units, making it the biggest launch of all time and pulling in an estimated $738 million in revenue.”
        Now I doubt D3 will pass that (12.3 mil) in first week sales because it is limited to PC users, but you should get your facts straight before claiming them to be true. Maybe you are confused with every CoD games first week sales added together?
        Capthca: One Stop Shop  <—must be an auction house reference

      • CoD MW3 sold 6.5 million on its first day in the US and UK. It’s highly unlikely that Diablo 3 will sell more than MW3 did.

    7. How amazon.com handles Diablo 3’s delivery?  Amazon.it starts shipping May 16.  Customer service says that the delay is an order by “Activision Blizzard”.  🙁

      • Amazon.de have strict and clear order not to ship before May 12th. I imagine things to be handled in a similar way over at the Italian division.

        Why they wouldn’t ship until after street-day is beyond me, however. Ring up their customer service, flood them with mails, make a scene in their support chat – see how many different statements regarding their delivery plans you can get. And no worries or mercy, the customer service guys are getting paid to provide you with this information.

        • Thank you very much. I have given up on customer service but I’ll try again. I have posted my concerns on  the Italian official forum, but i was ignored an assailed by digital download fanboys.

          Say one thing for Italy’s troubles, say that Italians never complain to have something actually fixed. And if you try, you are regarded as a nuisance, the strange one, and even your friends and family tell you to give up or not to bother.

    8. Heck, even I preordered. It’s probably my first and last preorder until Diablo 4.

    9. Well, when the preorder is so cheap, there’s no wonder. I’m getting mine for 35€ or something, shipping included.
      Of course I’m getting it in the 17th at the earliest, 22nd at the latest, which SUCKS, but at least I save meself a few bucks right?

      • ^ Not a true fan.  I mean seriously, wait 2-7 days more, all for a few bucks savings?!  😉

        In all seriousness tho, how many times in our lives will we be throwing money down for a fresh new Blizzard title? 10 times? If you save 10$ each time, that’s 100$ over the course of your entire life. Literally nothing. Might as well “splurge”.

    10. how many months  (or years) have you been able to pre order the game compared to those other games ?

    11. Not really surprised, since it´s a diablo game :-). However with these kind of numbers I think we can expect at least 2 expansions.

    12. And some analysts believe D3 will sell “only” 4 mil copies this year. It will be way more, D3 is most anticipated game of decade, enough said.

    13. This doesn’t surprice (lol) me at all. D3 is my most anticipated game ever, and I’m sure many other people feel the same way.

    14. This is shocking… no… wait… not shocking… the other word… expected… yea… that’s it.
      ffs… 12 freaking years… let me spell that out… TWELVE FUCKING YEARS… 1/2 the people in my college classes will be missing next week… 1/2 the “young” people I know from work have taken at least 2 days off just to get some time with this game. Anyone who has had any tangent with video games during the 90s knows about Diablo and you can be damn sure anyone who has played D1 and/or D2 has already preordered it a long time ago. The game is plastered across 1/2 the sites on the internet and there are articles about it on every major tech site/blog… for Christs sake people are camping in front of stores 5 days in advance of release.
      So while this is great news… it’s definitely not surprising.

    15. It is shocking to me because so many people are ordering the digital download directly from Blizzard.  To still be the most pre-ordered game on top of that over other games where digital download was not an option, is very impressive.

    16. Clearly this is a sign that Diablo 3 is going to fail because of RMAH and online only.

    17. Diablo 3 was just a throw in for annual pass. How is that an actual pre-order for a game. It’s not. 

      • And why would Amazon even mention WoW subscribers? Here we are talking about people who pre-ordered from many divisions of this online retailer. No Blizz digital downloads or annual passes included.

        • ThomasJ might be referring to Blizzard’s statements about Diablo III being their most pre-ordered title yet, and those statements did include annual pass orders, but yeah – this story has nothing to do with that.

          • Yeah wrong thread sorry about that but anyway, not shocking to see D3 sell well on Amazon. 

    18. I contacted Amazon US yesterday regarding my CE preorder.  While they were able to confirm I did indeed still have my copy, they would not budge on the game getting to me any sooner then the 15th, even though I argued that Blizzard is offering pre-install on the 14th.  Pretty frustrating that I can’t wake up early Tuesday morning and start playing the Log In minigame I have been looking forward to for so long.  I am seriously considering buying a second copy in digital format so I can play as soon as I can.

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