Bashiok posted an update on when and what we can hope for in regards to the D2X v1.13 patch.

    Hrm, well I wouldn’t expect an ETA to be given. Development time on this patch is going to be tight, but regardless of how much time is spent on development alone, the testing could toss it back and forth for an indeterminate amount of time. Such is the fact of development and release.

    Not that anyone’s going to read this, and not like it makes a difference now to the 72 page thread in the suggestion forum, but it seems the text describing the patch was misunderstood by some. Underlining ‘content’ seemed to give some the impression that we are purely looking for suggestions to add a new act, or a new dungeon, or that there wouldn’t be any changes that one wouldn’t consider ‘content’ such as fixing bugs. That wasn’t the intent. A content patch is simply a description for a patch that is a major release, and not a patch that only makes minor corrections, fixes and tweaks. That doesn’t mean that those corrections, fixes, and tweaks aren’t also what we were looking for though.

    The ambiguity therein of what that means specifically to the bugs and content you all have in your noggins makes the head swim, but that’s about as well as I can put it without promising one thing or another.

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