In short:

    Bashiok: Be assured that for any future patches you won’t even know they exist until they’re on the PTR.

    The longer version includes a little bit of insight into the technical aspects of creating a patch for such an old game, and a promise of information soon. All that is after the break. Mind you, it’s not a promise of a patch soon, so we might very well get that info as soon as it has been localized to the gazillion languages Blizzard support.

    Thanks Gluecks for the tip.

    The service is designed specifically for the requirements of the game. Meaning that specific hardware has and continues to be used because the game was designed to run on it. The limitations now are that this hardware is pretty old, the storage capacity is more than enough to hold the data from an increased stash size, but at peak load can the service and database actually handle the ability to record all the data without fault? The feeling is probably not.

    Now, that’s only a reasonable doubt. If we were to throw caution to the wind and see if it works anyway the teams that would be responsible for cleaning up the mess are hard at work on completing the new Battle.net for StarCraft II. We’re just not willing to bet the manpower that it will work and potentially impact one of our next major game releases.

    The question then comes up that why don’t we just upgrade the hardware? As I sort of hinted at this isn’t off the shelf hardware and we can’t simply throw in some new parts and hope it all works. It would be months of work, again, by teams of people that we simply aren’t willing to remove from their current tasks.

    – –

    It has been a while since the last update, and I’m sorry about that, but we haven’t had any new developments until recently. As much as some people want daily affirmations, they aren’t helpful. We’ll give updates when they matter, and we have a meaningful one going up this week.

    So if you know the update, why aren’t you updating us? Wait, dont tell me. You will update us “soon” yeah??

    Approvals and localization.

    I don’t get to post everything I want to right when I want to. Some times, not all the time.

    That is fine and all, and we will have to wait as long as we have to wait, but the way this was done was simply not right. We got notification that we would have a patch “as early as April 1,” which didn’t happen. Months later, we had an update that it would be “soon.” Months later, we heard about some stash issue. Now, after a huge silence, it appears that we are going to have another indefinite delay.

    It’s been a trying release and I’m right there with you, but I think you’re skewing the facts. Here is the timeline as I have it recorded:

    March 3rd
    Posts made throughout forums requesting from players their most desired patch change (http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=15443288961)

    April 17th
    Notification posted that ladder could reset as early as the end of April.

    Updates on status or information on the delays posted May 1st, May 12th, June 10th, June 30th, July 20th, August 5th, September 1st, September 2nd, September 30th, October 14th.

    I try to stay cool with your methods, but you created the expectations, and we changed our play based on it. Now we get to drink a steaming hot cup of STFU, and like it. I think it is time somebody on your side made a few waves and get this game back on the radar. I know you have priorities, and you have strategies, but you can see how much anger and frustration is building here. And this is only a few dudes compared to everyone who doesn’t keep up with the forum.

    You’re absolutely right, we created the expectation, and it bit us in the ass. Now all we can do is keep our mouths shut so we don’t increase the expectation, give info that matters, and hope we are able to focus on the patch and get it out there.

    Be assured that for any future patches you won’t even know they exist until they’re on the PTR.

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