Bashiok confessed Diablo II patch 1.13 had been delayed for a while internally due to priority issues, but the patch team is resuming development and we should expect results soon apparently.  Bashiok did not reveal exactly what these priority issues were about, but personally I will throw a couple of guesses into the air, which are off-course unofficial: either StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty crunch-mode to prepare for the beta launch this summer, or … BlizzCon 2009 Diablo III demo.

    Bashiok: Not really. Work on the patch was put on hold for a while due to higher priority issues, but it commences, and it is nearing.

    In case anyone was still curious about why we announced a potential ladder reset, which has until now not happened, I explained it to some degree over a month ago – D2 community demands date

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