Our German sister site Diii.de (diablo.gamona.de) has just released an exclusive Diabo II LoD patch 1.13 (beta) mod called ?D2MagicCube?. The README file contains a lot of details about the contents of this mod and step-by-step guides on how to install the mod and troubleshoot problems.

    Further details and the download link can be found here. Provide us with some feedback about your experience playing this mod.

    The D2MagicCube Mod allows the creation, rerolling and socketing of all possible game items (normal, magic, rare, unique, set, quest and portal items, as well as gems, runes, charms, essences, token and potions) in the actual Diablo II LoD Patch 1.13 (beta) using a modified Horadric Cube (the original recipes are still there, too). The quick creation of valuable items like Annihilus, Hellfire Torch or Token of Absolution (for respeccing since patch 1.13) is also possible. Furthermore, top equipped level 99 test characters of each class are included, whose equipment has been created with the mod. More information about this mod can be found in the README.TXT in the ZIP archive, and here on our Diablo portal.

    This “D2MagicCube” Mod contains a collection of many new, easy-to-use Horadric Cube recipes (hereafter referred to as Cube Mod) for the purpose of generating all types of original, unmodified game items. Creating items this way using your own original characters in the unmodified game always preserves the originality of the file format of your saved characters. File corruption or item errors, which may occur as a result of using 3rd party Diablo II character or item file editors/trainers, is therefore excluded. Furthermore, because all items can be created immediately and directly on your game character, transferring of items from or to other characters (“item muling”) is not necessary anymore. If your character has grown out of its equipment, just throw it away or sell it to the vendors, and create the next one.

    The Cube Mod is intended for the “Single-Player” mode of the game only! The items generated with it won’t work and cannot be used in the Closed Diablo II Battle.net realms, the online game servers hosted by Blizzard.


    Following is an overview of the ZIP archive contents:

    – A modified game patch file (MPQ format) named “patch_d2.mpq” which contains the new Horadric Cube recipes for generating all game items incl. special items like the ‘Token of Absolution’ for quick stat/skill respecs, and a small modification for spawning a weak version of the level 110 “Diablo Clone” which drops the high-level unique charms like ‘Annihilus’ and ‘Hellfire Torch’. Furthermore, the look of the elite sets has been restored to patch 1.09 state, where they did not yet have the partly overdone coloring and the Valkyrie glow effect. This patch file is for Diablo II “LoD” version 1.13 (beta) only!

    – A collection of 100% original, fully equipped and skilled high-level Diablo II characters which showcase some of the patch version 1.13 equipment created with the Cube Mod. These characters are 100% original and have not been edited. Note that these are very powerful, advanced characters, so you may want to increase the game difficulty by using the “/players X” (X = 1 to 8) multiplayer simulation option. This in-game option, by the way, is recommended anyway once you notice that the game starts to get too easy. Multiplayer simulation also improves the item drop rates until about 4 players.

    The characters are pre-skilled with some common stats and skills. If you don’t like the choices, that’s no problem either because you can reset all stat and skill points since patch 1.13. This is possible through a quest reward from Akara (quest ‘The Den of Evil’) and through a special new item called ‘Token of Absolution’. These tokens can of course be created “on the fly” through the Cube Mod, too, and each premade already has one token in the stash in case you want to respec right away. Furthermore, the F9 – F12 keyboard keys have been assigned to skill 9 – 12 respectively for these premades (through the ‘Configure Controls’ option panel).

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