DiabloWikiBashiok amazed the masses by setting foot in the Diablo II forum this week (Most recent previous blue post D2 forum post: September) and weighing in on a possible D2 ladder reset.

    I’ve been waiting a few months to play a new ladder. March 27th if the 6 month trend holds true. Reset please!

    Bashiok: 1 year won by a wide margin for length of time between resets. That’s what we’re planning to do unless everyone wants to change their mind. I’m willing to hold another poll, or, alternatively just say we cut it down the middle and do a reset every 9 months.

    …Let’s be clear, ladder resets have not been about the race to 99 for a very long time. Even when we were giving out prizes for hitting 99 first, the purpose of the ladder reset has always been because the game has very few mechanics intended to stabilize the economy, and none of them are effective. By wiping the slate we can create a fresh economy that inevitably degrades until the next reset. We gotta find the point where the reset isn’t cutting into people’s progression, but also not dragging on so long everyone is bored. It’s a tough balance to strike. Not everyone plays the same amount or the same way.

    So no reset in March, and probably not for six months yet, unless there’s enough of a fan clamor to bring it sooner. How’s the D2 ladder economy going, for those of you who are still playing actively? Duped DiabloWikiHR DiabloWikiRWs ruining everything? Or not so bad yet so no need for another purge?

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