Diablo II Item Set Fact Checking

We wiki helpers hope you take the opportunity to promote your guild, blog, site or fansite on DiabloWiki.net, but the actual wiki and its visitors also need your help.

We are working on making individual pages for all Diablo II items, and a number of DiabloWikiItem Sets have already been updated to a new and modern standard.

The main issue is that we’re not the best people with all the stats in the game and for visitors, it’s imperative the stats are updated for the latest Patch. Not everyone has the time to make new articles, but many players can make one small edit each. To keep DiabloWiki the best source of Diablo information on the ‘net, you can make a difference, and it need not take more than a few seconds. Starting with the updated articles, stats need to be checked and a few are also missing item level info, which is needed.

These are the ones we’ve finished recently, but if you update stats on some of the older articles, these updates will carry over when they get their face lift!

  • Aldur’s Watchtower
  • Bul-Kathos’ Children
  • M’avina’s Battle Hymn
  • Tal Rasha’s Wrappings
  • The Disciple
  • Trang-Oul’s Avatar
  • Arcanna’s Tricks

To make an update, it needs to be made on the main page of that item, and then it will automatically update on the set page and any other place it’s linked to. It’s updated in the “infobox”, so just edit the article, and fix any problems with the stats there, or add an “ilvl = 15”.

Arcanna’s Tricks is the first one we’ve updated that has a DiabloWikiDiablo II-exclusive version (this will hopefully be a problem of the past with DiabloWikiDiablo III). To fix this in the wiki, just edit the separate but otherwise empty page for it. Just click and update if there are Diablo II-exclusive updates.

Each item also needs a little addition in tips to what they are good (or bad) uses they have. Feel free to link it to any guide you made, if it relates.

Should you be interested in helping out with the more advanced restoration of the items – giving them a facelift – just go ahead and start on one of the unfinished sets, and leave a message on my talk page if you need any assistance! Or else, there’s always the lonely Diablo Wiki Forum, where I do keep an eye every day as well.

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  1. @ThomasJ

    Blizzard now has a close relationship with an orchestra, and they like to flex it. Listen to the SC2 and WoW tracks to get an idea. All WoW tracks can be found on youtube (probably), and the SC2 tracks (about 40-50 of them) were datamined from the SC2 installer they released a while ago. Also, you can look up the “Echoes of War” music collection they released a year ago.

    Basically, Blizzard music is now heavily reliant on multiple and varied instruments. In some cases this works out great (new Terran soundtrack in SC2 is every bit as amazing as the original IMO), in other case this works out like a musical abortion (new Protoss soundtrack is basically a string of ambient sounds with chorus singing peppered all over the place).

    We definitely ain’t getting the D1 music style back which is a big minus, but we are also not getting the D2 music back, which is a big plus (D2 soundtrack is the most utterly unmemorable one Blizzard ever released IMO). I am guessing we will be getting a lot of “epic” music. Not really a fit for Diablo, but can work well if done well. I just hope the music team has learned to do “epic” music in a way that is not generic and isn’t obsessed with pseudolatin chanting. SC2 sound track is a mixed bag, so it’s a gamble right now.

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