Motivated by nostalgia for his PRfu which I expressed in a forum post, I was hunting around You Tube tonight, looking for Bill Roper interviews from his Blizzard days. I didn’t find many of them, but did run into this amazingly-cheesy video apparently made by Blizzard in 1995, during the very early production for Diablo I.

    It’s narrated by Bill in a fake voice that sounds a bit like the one he used for the Warcraft I and Warcraft II narration, and the visuals are just a series of screenshots of the alpha-version of Diablo I. Honestly, it’s fairly terrible, but of historical interest, and it’s only a minute long, so do you have to lose?

    A longer version, reportedly from the Warcraft II CD. Different visuals early on, with a lot of just black screen while Bill talks, and then cheesy fiery text that he reads. Lack of artwork is weird, as we know they had tons of awesome renders of the monsters and other stuff that could have been used. Watch it if only to marvel at how far Blizzard has come in marketing and delivery. Bill actually reads off their old 1-800 number to order games from, as this is before they even had an online store or much of a web presence.

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