Diablo Hellfire Expansion released on GOG for free

Diablo Hellfire Expansion released on GOG for free

GOG is continuing to release the Diablo classics and today the Hellfire expansion has been released which will please fans who have not been able to get their hands in the expansion easily over the years.

Hellfire was a weird beast developed outside of Blizzard North (find out more) which introduced the Monk, two new dungeon areas the Hive and the Crypt, new shrines, and new item prefixes and suffixes.  It had a mixed reception when it was released but I rather enjoyed it.

This GOG release now allows it to run on modern PCs, and the even better news is it’s completely free if you have already purchased Diablo on GOG.COM which is now 10% off as part of their summer sale. A pretty good deal and worth picking up both Diablo and Diablo Hellfire now if you can.


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9 thoughts on “Diablo Hellfire Expansion released on GOG for free

  1. Just imagine how different the BlizzCon would be if they would announce that their working on bringing back Diablo I to masses?

    *Crowd starts to go mad as Diablo panel during opening ceremony comes to an end. Wyatt Cheng turns his back to the crowd. Quiet boos are being heard, then, suddenly, Wyatt turns to the roaring masses and says: “By the way, here is the teaser trailer for Diablo I that in few months will come to GoG”. Crowd cheers. BlizzCon is saved.

    If Blizz could have balls like Nintendo to say: “We’re sorry, we wanted to show you D4 but it was not as good as we wanted, so we have to start making it from scratch.”, the world would be a different place.

  2. Apparently since they have shareholders, there are rules about what they are allowed to publicly talk about. If they say “we are working on X” then that affects their share price and involves decisions on what they do, when they talk about it.

    There is always a section of shareholders who want the most $, don’t care about the experience of the end consumer as long as they get their return.

      • Yes, they were extra characters that you had to unlock with essentially a debug command. Along with the cow questline and another one I think for a girl that lost her teddy bear.

    • You have to create a .txt file, named:




      without space or other symbols. Multitest enables multiplayer, which is removed in final version, unless you download a slightly modified file. Cowquest changes a quest with runebomb. Theoquest re-enables a little girl quest. Bardtest enables bard (jack of all trades, master of none). Barbariantest enables barbarian, but works ONLY in final version, not vanilla. Cryptart changes color theme to crypt levels and nestart to nest levels.

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