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A new comic is available regarding the Diablo III universe that takes tangential path from what we’ve seen in The Sword of Justice. In these strips, you’ll much more of the “Sunday Funnies” style of humor, which has its charm. The first available comic gave me a little chuckle, considering the vast amount of DiabloWikiskeletons that seem to always be hiding in barrels.

You can read through the article and view the rest of the artist’s work at the following pages. What I find cool is that he translates the comics into English – German seems to be the artist’s primary language so any Germans tooling around his site will be able to read all of his other snippets and posts.

The life of a hero in Sanctuary can be pretty dangerous — prime evils, zombies, falling stars from the sky — but it can also make for some divine comedy. Illustrator and comic author, Oskar Pannier (aka “Shakes”), explores the dark humor of Diablo III, chronicling the hilarious journeys of Sanctuary’s most esteemed adventurers in his new comic, “Hell Yeah!”
Check out the first comic strip in the series below.

Diablo 3 Comic Contest

For more “Hell Yeah!” be sure to follow Oskar’s official page on Facebook. To submit a comic of your own, visit the Blizzard Contests page.

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15 thoughts on “Diablo? Funny? Hell Yeah: Blog Post

  1. Shakes and Fidget used to do comics on our wow site (in English of course) and I always loved them.  Proper funny.

  2. I don’t think these are that difficult to understand, most of them are rather self-explanetory. I am not native German speaker (I’m also not native English speaker) but I do have some knowledge of German and I was able to understand most of them. 

    The Grotesque ones:
    mom: Junior, lunch is ready!
    juior: Juhu, I’m hungry (literally: I have hunger). What’s for dinner?
    and then last one is: again spaghetti (corpse worms). 

    The one with the Monk parodies how Monk doesn’t use weapons in his animations.

    One of them is about monsters divising a clever plan to kill heroes (I think),
    And I don’t know about the other one.
    EDIT: nevermind, I just scrolled further down and saw that there are English translations. Sigh, I’m an idiot.

    • Thanks anyways for your effort, it is always appreciated. Don’t be so hard on yourself 8).  

  3. Dude needs to find a better publishing platform than Facebook :p I do not want to see all his social networking crap, I just want to see the comics. Blog software is free, polished, and works much better for this kind of thing!

    • I agree. What is he thinking using Facebook. Horrible platform for publishing anything. Will never be able to actually read them, which is a shame.

  4. I dont’ see any links to view the rest of the artist’s works, or where this comic originated from?

  5. This guy’s stuff is great!  Pity he’s forced to publish on Facebook … will follow him just the same

  6. I just assume bodies are placed in barrels and are reanimated like the rest of the enemies.

    • Seriously, bodies are placed in barrels? So that would mean they were placed there by living, thinking humans before hell broke lose, cause I don’t think those undead give a crap… Makes me wonder what an effed up place New Tristram with its body hiding perverts is, and if it’s really that save-worthy 😉

      • Well how do you think the occultists were getting all their ingredients. The orders go out and come back in in barrels. This is straight out of Diablo’s SOP’s. 😀

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