On top of everything else, @Diablo tweeted up a few game info replies on Friday, during our live chat. (This seems to happen every other week, during the chat.)

    If Hirelings are back, will there be some sort of safeguard to remove the eqpment..b/c all it takes is 1 time losing eqps 2 remember.—illthegreat

    Well, they can’t die, so that helps.—Diablo

    They also can’t be replaced. If you upgrade the templar’s weapon, it’ll be on him forever until you take it off or change it.—Diablo

    Can you swap out your Follwer? Or are you stuck with one?—illthegreat

    Yeah that was confusing. You can swap to any follower at any time. And any items you give them will stay until you change them.—Diablo

    Actually… I’m still confused. From the 2nd tweet and a general sense of how this game feature should work, I assumed that the items you gave to the Templar would stay on the DiabloWikiTemplar until you removed them. So if you switched to the DiabloWikiScoundrel or the DiabloWikiEnchantress (which you can do whenever you like, apparently), they’d need their own items. Thus if you wanted to alternate between all 3 of the Followers, depending on the situation, you’d need 3 different sets of items, or else you’d have to strip one of them to equip another.

    But from the 3rd tweet, it sounds almost like the DiabloWikifollowers share items, and if you put something on the Templar, then switched to the Scoundrel, he’d have those items equipped? That would obviously put logic and reality below convenience, but that’s a fairly common game design theme in Diablo III. But would it even work? Obviously the Followers could share rings/amulets, but they seem to use very different weapon types; I assumed that DiabloWikiwands and DiabloWikiorbs were only usable by Medieval Barbie, DiabloWikixbows by Sir ‘stache, and melee DiabloWikiweapons/DiabloWikishields by the Wowadin.

    I hope not, but with the ambiguity inherent to tweets… ? (It’s almost as if 140 char limit texts are not the ideal medium for communicating complicated concepts and game design ideas. But that can’t be right, since Twitter is a form of social media, and all game PR departments know that it must therefore be embraced and utilized for fan outreach and communication.)

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