A French filmmaker named Michael Schaack has released the teaser for his upcoming Diablo-theed fan film. It’s an amateur movie but far above the usual grade, with quite good special effects, costuming, acting, professional camera and sound, and more. You can’t see a great deal from the one minute teaser, but it’s enough to make me want to see the full film, which is apparently coming soon.

    The making of video is much longer and gives more details about the story (involving Bartuc and his cursed armor), plus shows how they created the weapons and armor, the special effects, the music, and more.

    Thanks to Fmulder for the tip, and click through for a sample of the filmmaker’s previous work, a short film set in the Star Wars world.

    His previous work, a Star Wars film mentioned in the making of Diablo movie, can be seen below.

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