A weekend fan art blast of Paladins, just to mix things up.

    As I’ve said in the past, the variety and amount of Diablo II fan art varies a great deal by character class. There are tons of pics of all the female chars, as well as Necromancers. (Since they’re kinda girlish?) The Barb, Pal, and Druid have received a lot less fan art love over the years, but of all 7 characters, the Paladin seems to feature in the most really well-drawn action images. I have no explanation for this; perhaps the gleaming silver armor brings out the comic book cover aspirations in community artists?

    Whatever the reason, there are not that many Paladin fan artworks, but quite a few of them are epic in pose and scenery, and feature great battle action shots. All of today’s gallery additions certainly fit that bill, so click them and come to better know the armored knight of Diablo II, and perhaps one of the Diablo III expansions?


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