As we trudge along through another slow-news weekend, here’s a fresh batch of Diablo II fan art while those of you in the U.S. doze and yawn and rue that hour of sleep you lost last night.

    Today we’ve got five pics of the Sorceress, in various poses and styles. There’s a ton of Sorceress fan art, enough for three or four more updates just on her, though I’ll be varying the content of these occasional weekend fan art supplements. I still haven’t posted one of Paladins or Druids, so those are coming up, and after that I’ve got tons of group pics, action pics, pics focused on monsters (like this week’s Duriel blast), and many more. Honestly, I’m just biding my time until I can bring you the all-furry update. Yes, there are pieces of fan art with the D2 characters as furries. CG furries, even. I may even have to Caption This one of them. It’s just breathtaking.

    Until then, here’s a batch of Sorceresses for you. Most of them in very short skirts. Zap zap zap.



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