Diablo Fan Art Watch #80: Duriel - Looking for Baal?

Welcome Diablo fans to the latest installment of the Diablo Fan Art Watch. This week we have five more pieces for you today from the Diablo 1/2 gallery; so let’s begin.

We start this morning with a Hydralisk-like version of the demon in ‘Looking for Baal?’ by Choboroy. This dark menacing demon is seen with eyes glowing red glaring down hero.

Next up is a stylized painting of a party of heroes attacking the demon Duriel by Juanbjuan. Shown from behind a paladin as we see a barbarian thrown from a blow by the demon.

Moving on from there we have a detailed blue pen art of Duriel by ProsperoDecimo. The detail and shading is great when you look at this piece.

Continuing from there we have a funny piece showing a group of heroes treating Duriel like he is a bull in Duriel Rodeo by Ratzgoblin. Plenty of funny things going on here; from the paladin at the left to the rodeo clowns.

Wrapping everything up on this larger watch is another stylized version of Duriel by Arrinir; sporting a huge grin in this very cartoony piece.

Click the thumbnails to see larger versions of all these images.

If you enjoy Fan art and want to contribute to this growing community, please stop by the Fan Creations Forum. Many artists visit frequently, posting works in progress looking for feedback and conversation. You don’t have to be “arty” to join in. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send me a PM.

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1 thought on “Diablo Fan Art Watch #80: Duriel - Looking for Baal?

  1. “There are 18 different looks for every armor piece for every class.” sums it all up doesn’t it?
    Every piece of gear (helm, belt, gloves, shoulders, etc.) has 18 visual variations and will look different on each class, so you don’t get a Witchdoctor with Barbarian looking shoulders. The stats might be the same but the look will vary depending on what class you’re playing.
    It’s just to show visual progression from crappy tier 1 gear to epic tier 18 gear. The look will be determined on a per item basis like say something like WoW and not like in D1 and D2 where just your chest piece determines what you look like.

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