Something went wrong on Blizzard.com this week and they added four awesome pieces of Diablo fan art to their Stacraft and Warcraft fan art gallery. I’m not complaining; it’s great to see some more very high quality Diablo fan art, but it just seems odd to see something about Diablo on Blizzard’s website.

    At any rate, we’ve added the pieces to our Diablo III fan art gallery, and they’re here in thumbnail form. The Butcher piece is my favorite; those teeth (tusks?) are just awful; he hardly needs an axe with tools like that in his mouth. The two Barbarian paintings are very nice as well, in their artistic style; neither would be out of place in an art gallery, had they been created in poster size by an actual paint brush, rather than the endless tinkering and perfectionism allowed by digital image manipulation.

    I’d advise you to click them to see them in much larger and more detailed form, but I’m pretty sure anyone smart enough to find their way here has figured out what thumbnails are by now. Enjoy.




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