Herein continues the weekend supplements to our already overflowing Diablo II fan art gallery. We’ve already seen moar Amazons and Barbarians, so following along in roughly-alphabetical order, it’s time for Assassins.

    As I mentioned last week, in the word part of the update everyone rightfully ignored on their way to the pretty pictures, the amount of quality fan art varies greatly by the character. There’s a ton of good and often sexy-styled images of the female classes, and quite a few of the Necro (some of which are also sexy-styled, in a languid, smooth-chested, sparkly Interview with the Vampire kind of way). There aren’t so many of the Paladin, but lots of them are very well done, since I think the challenge of drawing the shiny, gleaming armor brings out some better art. Then there’s the Barbarian and the Druid, largely ignored, largely unloved. By the artists, anyway.

    Hence you’ll be seeing a lot more (by number and by bare skin) of the female chars in these weekend art blasts. Plus there are tons of group character shots, pics featuring monsters, humorous pics, South Park and Lego pics, and many more. And as long as the vast bulk of our Diablo news continues to occur Mon-Fri, these weekend art watches will continue.


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