Continuing what will be a long series of sporadic weekend fan art blasts, here’s a batch of D2 Barbarian artwork that we’ve never posted before. When it comes to Diablo II artwork, there’s a LOT more of the three female characters than any of the males. Of the males, the Necro is the most popular, while the Paladin probably features in the most really good pieces; I think the challenge of drawing that shiny armor brings out more of the expert artists. The Barb and Druid bring up the rear, in quantity of art, for reasons I can not explain. (And honestly, I think some of the Druid artwork I’m sitting on is about the WoW Druid. Once again, WoW ruins everything.)

    Here are the four new pieces, and the Barbarian vs. Assassin Wizard piece has our newly-enabled adult content tag, since there’s a boob visible. (Hers, which is hardly fair—the Barb’s moobs are at least a B-cup, and he’s never worn a shirt in his life.) We’ve never tried out that tag before, so who knows if it’ll even work, but in theory you must be logged into the site to view the piece, and if you wish not to see the exceedingly-uncommon “mature content” in the gallery, I think there’s an option in your forum profile that will protect your eyes from such sin.


    If you want more Diablo 2 fan art, and how could you not, there are over 350 pieces in the D1/D2 fan art gallery, all with searchable keywords. If you want to see every piece featuring the Barbarian, or the Amazon, or Tyrael, or whoever, just type your desired term into the search box once you’re in the appropriate gallery. The same feature is available in all the other galleries of our massive Image Gallery, so have fun.

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