Welcome everyone to the first installment of the Diablo Fan Art Watch in 2016. This week I share with you my top 10 fan art of 2015. This past year had a ton of art from various artists. Covering all aspects of the world, and beyond even with a mecha twist as well as a futuristic setting.

    #10: tnounsy’s Mecha Diablo – This piece made me think of what Diablo would look like in a Michal Bay Style Transformer movie but set in an Alternate Universe with a more modern looking world as the Nephalem equipped with more modern looking gear. Not to mention still rocking with their power fighting against a skyscraper sized mechanical Diablo.

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    #9: vladgheneli’s Demon Hunter – I love the over all feel of this one. The character put into this young Demon Hunter. Despite her history with losing her family to demons. Here she’s taking a rest after a battle or getting ready for one. Who knows.

    #8: “M.Geady’s” Imperius vs Diablo – This piece caught my eye while I did my usual fan art searches. The detail and lighting of this scene really captured the fight with Diablo and Imperius in the Act 4 cinematic.

    #7: sithsensui’s Witch Doctor: Confrontation – The angle and perspective of this image really caught my attention. In this you get the feel for the battle and the scale of Diablo as he’s reaching forward against the Witch Doctor as she faces him head on. Check the larger version of it in the gallery it’ll do the piece some justice.

    #6: Athena-Erocith’s Army of Light – I really liked the unique feel from this piece. Each person here has a ribbon of yellow tied to them and they also had a part of them lit up with yellow. Not only that but you could see behind the main seven and then in the distance basically showing the full army as the stood ready to go ribbons and all.

    #5: drak’s A World of Pain – This piece showed a newer piece of fan art based on the Lord of Pain. In this version the artist captures what he would look like in a Diablo 3 style all the while being pierced in the chest with “Teeth of Diablo”. To me this is one of the nicer pieces of him to come out in a while.

    #4: KEKSE0719’s Diablo – This piece shows fantastic levels of detail while the scale of the battle is going on with the Demon Hunter, and Wizard supporting the Barbarian with fiery Axe in hand as a big foreboding and monsterous Diablo comes charging forth.

    #3: VictorBang’s Prepare for Battle – In this piece we see the Crusader in all his glory minus helm standing there shield raised facing down Malthael’s deathly wrath. It’s also so clean and crisp plus I really truly love the armor in this one as well. A slightly more regal version of the base crusader armor with more white and gold vs the usual black and dark feeling to it.

    #2: Callergi’s Wizard: Clearing Out – This piece screams the essence of the Wizard as she cleares out enemies from all sides and starts to enter Archon Mode. The details of the Wizard from the face all the way down to the armor and to her hands and feet as they change into the Archon is just so fantastic. See the full view to give it some major justice.

    #1: TamplierPainter’s Diablo – This piece stood out above all the others I have seen all year. Even other pieces that Tamplier had made last year and he’s made a few. The level of detail that went into this piece and that was with just the “Fast Drawing” version alone. But then he added the color to it and it just blew me away. It’s one of my favorites and my pick for the Best Diablo Fan Art of 2015!

    Now that I’ve made my choice with this let us know what you think of these top 10 pieces and which one you thought was better than the others.

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