Diablo Fan Art Watch #292: The Wizard X

Diablo Fan Art Watch #292: The Wizard X

Welcome everyone to the latest installment of the Diablo Fan Art Watch. This time we delve into the world of the arcane as we share fan art based on those renegade mages known as the DiabloWikiWizard.

Featuring 7 pieces of diablo fan art on the class in all kinds of colors as well as styles from watercolor to 3d modelling, and more.

Featuring Fan Art by: SummerRaeArt, Anmat, titi-artwork, IAutio, raffa3le, havokreed, and Braionss.

Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the image.

If you enjoy Fan art and want to contribute to this growing community, please stop by the Fan Creations Forum. Many artists visit frequently, posting works in progress looking for feedback and conversation. You don’t have to be “arty” to join in. If you have any questions, comments or have some fan art related news on the web please send me a PM or on twitter with @Holyknight3000 and I’ll get back to you. Also check out the wiki page for more art from the archives.

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    1. Phew! I was worried there for a second. I thought we might have to endure an entire month without fan art of tits hanging half out of nonfunctional female armor on a wizard or demon hunter! Thank goodness. *wipes forehead*

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