In this week’s Diablo Fan Art Watch we bring you a single piece of fan art; the Book of Tal-Rasha by Csaba Baity(tsabszy). This is an incredible cover interpretation of a lore book like Cain & Tyrael’s and on this cover you see tons of references to Baal & the symbols used in his sealing by Tal-Rasha and the Horadrim of old. Csaba also had a few things to say about their work.

    A fictive book, based on the Book of Cain and Book of Tyrael by Glenn Rane.
    I was really inspired by The Book of Tyrael he made, when it was released. I immadiately thought about doing something similar. Obviously it didn’t turn out as awsome as his 🙁

    Anyways the idea was to create a book for Tal Rasha, since he was really big mage of the Horadrim and because he was consumed by Baal himself, based on my theory he could have visions about and he could share those in a secret book along with his wisdom in general.
    Basically no one knew about Tal Rasha wrighting this, and so people of Sanctuarry only found out about it after it was found in a Treasure Goblin’s misterious sack.

    Few notes: if someone wouldn’t recognize the face on the top of the cover is Baal’s and the symbols around it are the symbols in Diablo 2 when you had to search for the real tomb of Tal Rasha.
    (the orient pattern surrounds the head and the sign of the Horadrim on the back is from the cinematic video where you first saw Baal in his real form)

    Softwares: Photoshop

    Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the image.

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