Welcome friends to the latest installment of the Diablo Fan Art Watch. This week we go back to the days of DiabloWikiDiablo I and greet the Warlord of Blood painted by Orangehamster.

    He has also provided us with a video of a step by step of his work on this piece below. Here’s a quote from his post.

    13 hours to do this one, so tired. Well, this is a dedication to one of my favorite games growing up, Diablo 1 (I’m saying “1” cause many people think of Diablo 2 when you talk about diablo).

    In this drawing I made one of the bosses, Warlord of Blood, he is very hard to kill, and was the one who always scared me the most while playing (even more than diablo itself).


    Click the thumbnails to see larger versions of all these images.


    If you enjoy Fan art and want to contribute to this growing community, please stop by the Fan Creations Forum. Many artists visit frequently, posting works in progress looking for feedback and conversation. You don’t have to be “arty” to join in. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send me a PM.

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