Diablo Fan Art Watch #105: The Witch Doctors of Teganze II

Welcome friends to the latest and delayed installment of the Diablo Fan Art Watch. This time we return to the dense Torajan jungles of Teganze and the Witch Doctors of the Tribe of the Five Hills.

We have a variety of Witch Doctors; beginning with one showing her face without her mask on. Another kneeling at the ready with staff and dagger in hand. From there we have one fighting off a fallen one with zombie dogs standing behind her on guard, and zombie arms breaking out from the dirt pinning the big guy down. Finishing up we have one sending out his summoned acid filled toads.

Artwork by In-Sung, RMangano, Hendra_tau, and Mr. Jack.


Click the thumbnails to see larger versions of all these images.


If you enjoy Fan art and want to contribute to this growing community, please stop by the Fan Creations Forum. Many artists visit frequently, posting works in progress looking for feedback and conversation. You don’t have to be “arty” to join in. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send me a PM.

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    17 thoughts on “Diablo Fan Art Watch #105: The Witch Doctors of Teganze II

    1. – Outdated graphics? Check.
      – Dumbed down gameplay? Check.
      – Easy as fuck? Check.
      – Corridoor like, closed world design? Check.
      – Pay to win? Check.
      – Reusing everything they could from WOW, including ideas, graphics, gameplay mechanics? Check.
      – Always online? Check.

      • Nothing really. Whiners gonna whine 🙂

        On topic – great picture of Witch Doctor and his frogs, I love it 😀

    2. incredible artwork.
      unfortunately im not playing it – the pay to win aspect goes agaisnt my principles.

      • and why do you post than at all ? what do you think you accomplish with your off topic whine comment ? attention deficit much ?

      • As if pay to win effects your gameplay. Better opt out of the beta then so we all get a better chance.

        • I still have a hard time figuring out why people say “Pay to win” when it used to be “Dupe to win” or “Bot to win”.   Seems like an improvement to me.

          • I hate to echo Bashiok, especially since I’m not  a big fan of the RMAH, but… pay to win what? D3 isn’t a closed loop.It’s not hermetically sealed. There aren’t only so many items for Diablo to drop.

            If other people have awesome gear or junk; if they used daddy’s money to buy it or found it themselves, how does that effect you? It doesn’t, at least in terms of PvE. You can play just the same as you would have, and what other people do means nothing in a game with instancing like D3. Plus, it’s not like Blizzard is selling super quality gear that you can’t get otherwise. Anything anyone’s using was found in the game. You’ve got a fair shot at it too, by drop or trade.

            I guess the argument then points to PvP, but it’s not an esport and there aren’t win/loss records or official tournaments. If people on the other team have bought gear, it’s likely some people on your team will also. They’ve still got to know how to use it,, and that puts dueling in D3 on the same footing as every other competitive endeavor in life. Other people can spend more money on their racing bike, or golf equipment, or gym shoes. They can pay for a private coach. And maybe that makes them better than they would be otherwise, but it doesn’t guarantee them victory, and it sure makes it more fun if/when you beat them with less expensive gear that you earned/found yourself.

            • Even if I don’t compete in PVP I still want to get that feeling of “I’m awesome” for having a gear-set that is rare as hell, and I kicked Diablo’s ass to get it.  Now, my rich friend comes along with the same gear-set but hasn’t done anything to deserve it.  It takes the fun out of it, seriously.

              This is more like a fat slob buying super-shoes and then kicking the Olympic sprinter’s butt.  I mean, the olympic sprinter just practiced for the Olympics his whole life but who cares, right?
              If its two Olympic sprinters competing, they’ll both be wearing awesome footwear, because they earned that with their talent and got sponsors.  The playing field will always stay evenly matched that way, no quick fix. 
              Then you get the guys who want the quick fix, they take substances, much like going to a RMAH.  They get the quick fix, they kick butt, but it wasn’t fair and they’ll get banned because of it when they get discovered.  Blizzard’s saying, they don’t want to punish people taking the quick fix, in fact they love that idea. 

              I say nay!

      • Yes, exactly, that night time themed one is really great. Just look at the witch doctors summons, who have this hungry look, ready to tear the flesh of the witch doctors victim.

      • Yeah, that one really gets at that concept of the WD is scarier than the demons. He’s got creepier minions and spells than most monsters do, and in the game fiction a scenario like that one seems entirely plausible. One Fallen, surrounded by horrible mongrels, zombies reaching out of the ground to rip him apart, his mind under control of the WD, etc.  Seems like the WD should be the one with the “turn the hunters into the hunted” motto. Rather than the DH, who is deadly, but not frightening.

    3. Until now i have been like a wizard fan exculsively. Seeing these really great and living drwaings of the witch doctor suddenly makes me a witch doctor fan too! Think i want to pick up on that character class too!

    4. Plague of Toads, looking awesome!!
      Love the mood created there by the artist, the toads look like possessed zombie toads and that mask is insane!

    5. Mr.Jack was part of a site I wrote for – he’s actually now an employee of Blizzard. (He drew the WD along with a LOT of the site’s Starcraft images). I met him at Blizzard HQ and he’s quite the artist – wish him the best of luck there.

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