A slow news weekend means another blast of killer Diablo II fan art from the vaults. This time we’ve got pieces that profile the demons, either exclusively or in their rightful place as they dominate the puny humans who dared challenge their scaly might.

    These pieces feature Diablo, Mephisto, Andariel, and two monsters you’ve probably never before seen featured in their own artwork; Bremm Sparkfist and Dac Farren.

    They’re all nice, and the composition of the pencil Andariel picture is fantastic (I’d love to see a colored version), but I think the Diablo piece bears special attention, since it could serve as a preview for D3’s Diablo. He’s in Hell, has grown to a towering height, is devastatingly-powerful, bears a humanoid form, and is about to fatality the Barbarian by pinching off his head like the cap on a can of EZ Cheez.

    Click the thumbnails for larger views of these works.

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