Last week, Bashiok used @Diablo to muse about “some fun ways to release artwork I?ve procured.” Looks like he thought of something:

    The Warcraft Facebook page recently hit 1million who ‘Like’ it and rubbed it in our faces. We know there are millions of Diablo players out there, and to take the fight back we have some incentives all lined up. Beginning at 550,000 ‘People Like This’ of the Diablo Facebook page we’ll post new art and screenshots, and …for every 25,000 additional page ‘Likes’ we receive after that up to 1million. Let’s do this!

    The page has around 540k “likes” right now, so clearly there’s some clicking needed. If you’ve got a Facebook account you can help out, and while I hate to sound like some piece of Zynga whoreware, especially since I use FB as seldom as possible, I recommend that you go like it and spam the link to all of your friends! Look at it this way; Facebook is usually used to spam crap games involving big-eyed horses growing lima beans, so it’s our duty to use the service to promote a game that’ll actually be worth playing! (Someday. Hopefully…)

    Update: Details of what we’ll get per 25k clicks were fleshed out via a forum post.

    Bashiok: On an average day the Diablo Facebook page gets about 4k new people who ‘Like’ the page. So even if that average holds steady there’d be some stuff released once a week. Hopefully though this causes a bit of a spike to get things moving. It’s 2-3 pieces per update, usually one piece of art and one screenshot.

    And another from @Diablo:

    How many new arts/screenshots can we expect for every 25k ‘Likes’?— Nagatieu

    2-3. Right now we’re getting about 3-5k new ‘Likes’ a day, so even if it keeps the same pace we’ll be releasing art. —Diablo

    If the 4k likes per day keeps up, we should see a new screen and artwork about once a week. So why not just have a weekly artwork/screenshot? Because that wouldn’t leverage social media for marketing!

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