Diablo Demo at the Slaughtered Calf Inn from Blizzcon 2015

Diablo Demo at the Slaughtered Calf Inn from Blizzcon 2015

Wolfpaq777 is at Blizzcon 2015 and has already been at the Slaughtered Calf Inn and has found some demo machines tucked away and has a few things to share with us.

  • Played the diablo demo. Yeah, there’s actually demo machines tucked away in the corner.
  • There have been some skills that have been removed from the buff bar and moved to the hotkey itself. Example: The Monk’s sweeping wind as you gain stacks; the number of stacks is displayed on the hotkey itself with a green timer bar counting down to expiration. This applies to all skills that give that type of buff.
  • The numbers that show while in combat now are divided by a million now and display an M at the end. So basically instead of showing 200,374,463 you get 200M.
  • Also each time you enter combat the game keeps track of your highest crits and displays them in orange instead of yellow.
  • The Demon Hunter got a new belt that gives 60% damage reduction for 8 seconds after vaulting.
  • There are also some new legendaries as well as changes to the Invoker set. It’s 6-piece bonus increases primary attack speed by 50% and adds 200% thorns to the first enemy hit. It also synergizes with a new chest piece that converts vitality into thorns at a 200% rate. Their Crusader had 250-500k thorns and their zeal was hitting for roughly 10b per hit.
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    15 thoughts on “Diablo Demo at the Slaughtered Calf Inn from Blizzcon 2015

    1. “So basically instead of showing 200,374,463 you get 200M.”


      we doubled it and then we divided by one million

      • Nothing about d3 at gamescon, nothing about d3 at blizzcon. “We got patch 2.4 comin'” and that’s it. Somehow I feel d3 fans are gettin’ fucked cuz they can’t put any cash grabs inside the game duh.

      • Don’t get your hopes too high though, imo there will be no significant news. There was even no Mosqueira’s part of the opening ceremony.

    2. Someone at BlizzCon who has been by the Diablo 3 booth has posted on reddit


      If you don’t want to click the link, here’s what he’s got so far…

      D3 area is tiny this year. Maybe 20 PCs, 2 TVS for console. Looks like just 2.4 patch info. Sorry for guys thinking an expansion announced.
      New zone – Greyhollow, island zone with forest theme. Several side areas and caves available on demo.
      New set reworks for classes – will update as I play classes
      Invoked for Crusader
      Sunwuko for Monk
      Shadow’s Mantle for DH
      Jade for WD
      Firebird for Wizard
      Might of the Earth for Barb
      Damages are trunctuated, 130,000,000 is now 130M and 2,840,764,866 is 2840M
      2 piece, 1000% damage while melee weapon equipped
      4 piece Every rune of Shadow Power
      6 piece, 40,000% bonus weapon damage first hit of impale
      Does impale for several billion damage, FoK for similar and a lot more up to 30 charged.
      DH belt when you cast impale vault for a few seconds (adds a cool down bar above the skill to show buff)
      Fan of Knives Dagger, 250 to 300% damage boost on next FoK gained every second for up to 30 charges.
      New Legebdary Gem – Mutilation guard melee reduction, unhindered movement below 50 (ok so it’s old gem, I don’t use this trash so why I didn’t recognize it haha)
      New Jade Swt changes
      2 piecr 120 sec haunt damage on recast
      4 piece, eVery rune of soul harvest, cool down reduced by 1 sec for every haunt and locust cast
      6 piece, 300 seconds of Dot age on Soul Harvest cast
      datamined snake Water guy is in new zone
      tower mini zone
      there’s a current caves area with grass now
      More coming and I’ll reformat better later. Typing and talking this.

      • It’s all just new season stuff. That’s depressing. Especially this; “New zone – Greyhollow, island zone with forest theme.”

        If you keep in mind; Tyrael: “I haven’t heard back from the Horadrim we sent to the Skovos Isles.” – Lorath: “Skovos is a dangerous land.”

        It seems like the expected Skovos expansion has been reduced to a new tileset for season 5.

        • Not so negative, that’s not true.
          Some places on the Broken Islands continent of WoW’s newest expansion seem to look a lot like those antique mediterranean/tropical Skovos island concepts, wouldn’t you say?

      • Looks like it might be the best video game movie of all time. Which means about a C+ in actual movies.

      • WoW and the original Warcraft games are completely different.

        You obviously Do not have to be a WoW fan (MMORPG) to care about a movie about a RTS game.

          • Maybe it’ll be good, but that trailer was terrible.

            All the CGI is obviously CGI, rather than realistic like people in makeup, and I don’t get any hint of the difference between the green orcs and flesh tone orcs, or who were the overly-armored humans, why I should care about the battle scenes, etc. I didn’t see a hint of personality or humor or spice in any of it, or anything to make me want to know/learn/see more. And this comes from someone who thought all the orc/goblin scenes in LotR were fantastic and would have enjoyed a whole movie just about/starring them.

            Nothing in the trailer gives any hint of the things you want in an actual movie trailer. Who am I supposed to root for? Who are the good guys or bad guys? Is there a love story or a noble struggle?

            Again, movie might be fine, but trailer was a fail. Only points I’ll give it were for not doing that terrible “Mr Voice” style of “in a land of turmoil…. a new hero arises…. beset by dangers….” Also, nice to not have endless slow motion leaping shot from below, as almost all bad action movie trailers do.

    3. Man, that movie… trailer or whatever – it was just, horrible. Really.
      I mean cmon guys, im a HUGE fan of WC1,2,3:tf, D1,2:LoD, SC:BW, well even SC2 and D3(kind of) But this… Just take a look at ANY CGI for any blizzard game – its SO MUCH BETTER than this. Oh, no offence guys – just my oldshcool opinion.

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