Wolfpaq777 is at Blizzcon 2015 and has already been at the Slaughtered Calf Inn and has found some demo machines tucked away and has a few things to share with us.

  • Played the diablo demo. Yeah, there’s actually demo machines tucked away in the corner.
  • There have been some skills that have been removed from the buff bar and moved to the hotkey itself. Example: The Monk’s sweeping wind as you gain stacks; the number of stacks is displayed on the hotkey itself with a green timer bar counting down to expiration. This applies to all skills that give that type of buff.
  • The numbers that show while in combat now are divided by a million now and display an M at the end. So basically instead of showing 200,374,463 you get 200M.
  • Also each time you enter combat the game keeps track of your highest crits and displays them in orange instead of yellow.
  • The Demon Hunter got a new belt that gives 60% damage reduction for 8 seconds after vaulting.
  • There are also some new legendaries as well as changes to the Invoker set. It’s 6-piece bonus increases primary attack speed by 50% and adds 200% thorns to the first enemy hit. It also synergizes with a new chest piece that converts vitality into thorns at a 200% rate. Their Crusader had 250-500k thorns and their zeal was hitting for roughly 10b per hit.
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