A bunch of general info posts and reminders from @Diablo today. Here’s the run down:

    Do you guys plan on having a loot system? Or will it be fastest click and best internet connections get the loot first?—StoneCreamer

    Drops are per-player. When a monster dies everyone only sees their own individual loot rolls from that creature.—Diablo

    Hello! Can you Please tell me what exactly your answer to @akumagin about DiabloWikiFury means? I tried to understand it all the past week.—CalamanderRu

    The fury cap is more or less set, so you only care about slowing loss or increasing gain.—Diablo

    Thank you for answer! Now to make it finally clear – so if i get fury quicker cap increasing and if stop getting fury – cap lowers?—CalamanderRu

    No, the cap is set. There are skills and stats that can augment how quickly you generate fury, or how slowly you lose it.—Diablo

    Get it, thank you again! One more question if you allow. Do DiabloWikimonk‘s gods connected to heaven/hell or its only sanctuary creatures?—CalamanderRu

    Check out the monk page for a bit of info on his faith.—Diablo


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