Since Bashiok seems to be otherwise occupied (was another SC2 or WoW expansion released?) this week, with no tweets or forum action and just the one new pic via Facebook, and since a reader just sent me a bunch of links to various amusing Diablo cosplay pics, here’s a small batch of them, just added to our Diablo cosplay gallery.

    The shot to the right is an odd one; it’s the professional model Blizzard hired to dress as the Demon Hunter at Blizzcon last year, posing near of the best fan costumes of the show. The guy in that WoW outfit (which I would have tried to look up, but that would have deprived someone of triumphantly naming him in comments) was hobbled by the massive horns though, as you saw if you watched him being led, stumblingly, onto stage during the costume contest finals. It must have been heavy and uncomfortable, and it certainly looks like it in the photo here. Perhaps the Demon Hunter was tempted to live up to her profession and put a few bolts into him? Mercy killing! (I do not know why there is a giant picture of a cookie on the wall behind him. I told you, I don’t play WoW.)

    Other pics below can be clicked for larger views of an Assassin, a couple of shots of a nice Tyrael outfit, and a fairly sexy bowazon, though her styling seems to be a bit WoW-inspired. She’s holding an Eaglehorn though, right? Inspired by the Diablo 1 item artwork?




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