Diablo Cosplay in the Making

JoshuaSmith has made a blog entry of a Diablo costume he has been creating. He says he’s about 45% through the creation now and as you’ll see from the photos he’s posted it has a working head, complete with moving mouth and illuminated eyes. It looks like the torso is complete also.

It’s going to be interesting to see how he tackles the legs and that massive articulated tail.  As well as screen shots there is also a video of himself wearing what he’s made so far.

I’d love to see this end up on the stage at Blizzcon!

  • Check out his blog entry.
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10 thoughts on “Diablo Cosplay in the Making

  1. Oh my, that’s awesome.. The quality looks very good. Would very likely be in the top for Blizzcon costume contest.

    I hope to see him next year in that and for him to win it all!

    • heh, yeah you’re right!  Only when they first come on stage though.  The gig I went to they all stripped off after a couple of songs.  I was in the front row – had I known what was coming I probably would have gone a few rows back. Very off putting. 😳

  2. Thank you for all of your support and there is definitely more to come! I just posted a few new photos and a new video.

    • I also saw you on Deviantart, didn’t know you post here as well.

      Nice work, would love to see you fully suited up.

  3. Just watched the video, and that is freaking sweet! I really like how you can actually open the mouth of the mask and the glowing eyes and such… Nice job on the back spikes, arm blades, and second set of arms as well… Looking forward to see how you pull off the lower body…

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