Diablo Cosplay Gallery Grows

Thanks largely to the indefatigable efforts of fmulder, our Diablo Cosplay gallery has grown considerably over recent months. There are now more than 200 photos of fans in cool Diablo costumes, which range from sexy to awesome to OMGWTF, sometimes all at once.

The most recent additions are numerous photos of the Korean female Monk and Demon Hunter we saw posing with Jay Wilson at a media event on his recent press tour. Besides the shots of those two, and their weird, blue-painted, head-bowing Witch Doctor friend with Jay in the offices, someone took the Demon Hunter and Monk to a gothic-looking church and had them pose in front of ancient stone walls and archways.

The results are even cooler than you might imagine, and you can see a pair of those pics to the right. There are plenty more in the gallery, and lots of other recent cool cosplay efforts as well. Some samples below.

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  1. That female barbarian could beat me to a pulp

  2. sexy little children….WAIT ???…WhAT ???  NO…NO…i didnt saay anything NOOoooOOoo……
    …if the demon hunter gets enough hatred  MYBE she can make me some eggs and bacon….GET IT   😛
    …nope…i sure dont…. -_-

  3. Pretty sure that backdrop they are in front of is fake, not in an actual old building. Otherwise they would be in front of other stuff, not just the same wall over and over.

    • Pretty sure she’s not a real demon hunter or monk either. And that their costumes are not made from actual leather and metal. And that those aren’t the DH’s real eyes. Etc…

      In fact, there’s a photo of the 2 models getting into costume in the gallery, w/o wigs and such.

      • Who said they were?
        However you said in the post that “someone took the Demon Hunter and Monk to a gothic-looking church and had them pose in front of ancient stone walls and archways.” Implying they were in an actual old stone building for the shots… which is obviously not the case.

  4. Wizard is hot, nice legs

  5. Too bad all koreans models have extensive amounts of plastic surgery.  Hence they all look the same.  While good looking, don’t be surprised if you marry one and the kids come out looking nothing like the mother.

  6. Come on, where is a male barbarian? so i really have to do that, surely there is other gaming nerds besides me who has almost Arnold Schwarzenegger body?

    We want to see muscles, no sickly skinny girls depressing. 

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