As I mentioned in the lighted Monk post a few days ago, we recently created a Diablo Cosplay folder in the Image Gallery, and after moving a few dozen photos into it from various other events and gaming shows, I spent some time over the weekend searching for more good Diablo cosplay photos. There weren’t a ton, unfortunately. World of Warcraft cosplay abounds, as do entries from many other gaming franchises, but the costumes from D1 and D2 are (somewhat) functional and thus don’t so easily lend themselves to fan reconstructions (you need bare skin and/or muscles for a lot of them). The fact that the last game in the series was released in 2001 must also be a factor.

    We’ll surely see more in the years to come, as Diablo 3 and its expansions are released and millions of fans start playing. After all, there is plenty of good cosplay material in Diablo III; as early adapters like the the Mistress of Pain and Female Monk costumes that won the contest at the past two Blizzcons demonstrate.

    For now here’s the best Deckard Cain costume in our gallery, along with a brave male Wizard, a female Witch Doctor, and another fan in three thematic photos in her Sorceress outfit.


    These aren’t all! I have another dozen images to add in future updates, but I remember seeing quite a few cosplay photos in years past that are not in the gallery. There were costumes at Blizzcon 2005, E3 booth bunnies in professional-quality Sorceress and Amazon costumes in 1999-2001, a few very nice Tyrael outfits over the years, fans at events in Asia, and more. Just because I didn’t find them via Google or @ DA doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. If you’ve got some pictures, or know where to find some, please , add them directly to the gallery, or post links in the comments to this post.

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