Diablo Cosplay Excellence

In addition to his legendary Diablo-news sniffing skills, Fmulder has a knack for finding cool pictures of Diablo cosplay, and over the months he’s added dozens of images to our Diablo Cosplay Gallery. There are now 245 photos in that gallery, and since I bet most of you guys haven’t been checking them out, here’s a selection of recent shots showing off Wizards, Witch Doctors, Demon Hunters, and even NPCs including two different Leahs even and the Scoundrel.

Yes, someone made a Scoundrel costume, and I’m fairly certain it’s the first Diablo cosplay outfit ever to include a mustache.

Here are some samples of recent images. The male Witch Doctor and Tyrael costumes are the best I’ve ever seen in those fields, and the rest are quite good as well. I stuck them into the news script for quicker viewing, but you should check out the Diablo Cosplay Gallery for more pictures of these cosplayers, as well as dozens more recent shots.

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11 thoughts on “Diablo Cosplay Excellence

  1. Amazing work. All of these are spot on, except for the fact that Leah’s necklace is a pot leaf instead of a Horadric symbol. Wife material. :mrgreen:

  2. That’s Spiral Cats Team for you. That little girl is gorgeous, but they go to great lengths to perfect all the details. Their cosplay is awesome.

  3. Nice pictures. But Flux, could you at some point implement a decent picture gallery? The one for this site is pretty bad to be honest. It is very slow, reloads entire pages when you click a new picture and there is no ‘next picture’ button?

    • There is a proper gallery but a checkbox needs to be ticked for it to operate like light box instead of ‘attachment’ which is what you’re seeing. It’s working properly now.

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