Diablo Connection Issues

Diablo Connection Issues

Dozens of reports of Diablo 3 connection and play issues today, with Blue replies from the midst of the fray.

[UPDATE] – Today’s login issue has been addressed for both EU and US, and is now resolved. Anyone who is still experiencing any ongoing latency issues is encouraged to contribute to compile a trace route and share that in the following thread in our technical support forum.

Greetings everyone,

We are currently addressing an issue which resulted in widespread latency and general login issues across both North America and Europe. Although NA appears to be recovering, we are still working to resolve this service interruption for both gameplay regions and will be sure to provide an update as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience!

Hi all, the recent issue that affected logins for US has been addressed – we are continuing to address the issue in EU. For anyone who continues to experience ongoing latency, please share your trace route in the following technical support thread.

Thank you! So as to keep the reports consolidated, this thread will now be locked.

So, it’s all better now, then? Explanations of the problem are not yet forthcoming, which leaves open space for conspiracy theorists who — like Rush Limbaugh asserting everything is related to a Benghazi coverup — can insert wild tales about why Blizzard would want to block their customers from accessing their own product. I don’t mind though, since such posts make forum scrolling a bit more amusing.

The problem was hitting EU as well, and here’s some of the fact finding Blizzard tech guys delved into.

Diablo III Performance Issues

We’d like to collect some info from users recently experiencing a certain type of performance issue.

Symptoms include player “rubberbanding” Another example would be the Belial cutscene where he changes. He may just sit there doing nothing for about 10 seconds, then resume normally. Your ping may still be generally stable but sometimes it may spike when the server acts up, but not always.

Steps to take and info to provide:

  • Launch Diablo 3 and connect to battle.net
  • Create a game
  • Alt+tab out of the game and open a command prompt
  • Run the netstat command and wait for the command to finish running
  • In the list of connections there should either be a 199.108.32-35.x :1119 or 12.130.245-247.x :1119
  • Please copy down the IP address listed above
  • Run a pathping to the IP addressCopy and paste the results into an email and send to [email protected] attn: Omrakos
  • Go to <a href=”http://www.whatsmyip.org/ or a similar site and add your external IP address to the email please.

* Update – IP address in step 5 was changed
Also, instead of posting the info here in this thread, in order to make posting your external IP address easier/safer, please send the info asked for via an email to [email protected] attn: Omrakos and I’ll send it to the network admins requesting it.

I’m going to hide all of the posts received thus far but not delete them as many already have valid data that can be checked.

Anyone get their play time blocked by this all day? And if so, what reparations would you demand as justice?

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17 thoughts on “Diablo Connection Issues

  1. I haven’t had any trouble with disconnects, but I have been experiencing the worst rubberbanding I’ve felt since d3 classic launch day :/

  2. Seriously? Not only injecting politics into a Diablo 3 discussion, but pasting a link to it?


    • I dunno, that’s more comedy than anything else. I know you gamers like to know as little as possible, but there’s no need to get bent out of shape. Just go back to bed and take your Soma tablets.

      • No, it’s politics. And it’s the fact that I do follow it closely that bends me out of shape. Mods give warnings in forums about exactly this type of thing.

        Nice try pigeonholing gamer lifestyle, though.

  3. There is obvious concern for my HC cohorts and myself. Last night it was a bit better, but there were still some freezes. I would really hate to lose a character to a “bad spike”.

    As far as conspiracy, yeah that is plain dumb.

  4. I opened a rift and got disconnected trying to enter it, losing the rift in the process.

  5. About a week ago I lost my reasonably well geared HC barb to a champ pack that had 10+ morlu incinerators with it knocking me about. Was pretty annoyed about that but i got back on the horse and lvled back up. Was within a few items of reaching the same gear lvl as my last barb when i got dc’d, last night, soul destroying. Freshly dropped magefist and griswalds plan in inventory. If you are not playing with friends or cant survive 10s of idling in a pack of monsters then steer clear of torment+ in hc.

  6. was playing HS last night and got disconnected 3 times in 30 minutes, finally just gave up. Figured D3 was having problems too so I stayed off of it, looks like I was right.

    Only annoying thing about these disconnects when playing HS was that I was in the arena and it caused me to lose matches that I was close to winning, costing me prizes. If I had spent real money to play, I would have been some kind of pissed…

    I’ve been having the occasional rubberbanding issue off and on for about a week, only in D3. Other online games have not been having any issues so I guess Bliz’s servers are still getting hammered a bit.

  7. Game was unplayable for me last night. Same for my friend, but we live in the same area. Tried Heartstone and had the same type of problems there.

    Who cares, shit happens.

    Hopefully, I will have no problems today. We’ll see.

  8. The issue seems to point to an issue with at&t routers just outside LA. If you reach the tech forums and go through all the pathpings posted there seems to be one set of nodes all owned by at&t that are showing massive packet loss. I am not saying this is the only issue but it is definitely a major issue for a lot of users and it means it is outsides blizzards control.

    • Going to laugh if they claim that Bliz is using an unfair amount of bandwidth like they do with Netflix and now they are throttling it back to get Bliz to pay them for it. Or maybe AT&T just sucks, could go either way.

  9. Last week I had a number of disconnects then it was just a few rubber banding issues and the last two sessions were without incident so I assumed it had all be resolved.

  10. I had these stupid lag issue during Tuesday evening & it made the game almost unplayable for me & I even got disconnected after completing my 5th bounty in act 2 & before talking to Tyrael ,it was very frustrating.
    I didn’t have time to play yesterday so I don’t know if the problem still exist or not.

  11. Still having lag issues here. Can’t open rifts, nor complete bounties consistently. Very frustrating


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