In other DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Merchandise news, two interviews with the creators of the ongoing Diablo III comic book, DiabloWikiSword of Justice, are now available. The first issue of the comic was released back in late November, and received good reviews from IGN and from me. There are three more issues to come, so check out the Diablo3.net.pl (scroll down and click “original interview” for the English), and at (scroll down for the English). Here’s a quote:

    How did you design Jacob? Is he based on any existing character in the Diablo III universe?
    Certain characters are directly and 100 % inspired by the characters of Diablo III: a sorcerer, monsters, and many others… I am forced to remain vague because these characters will appear in the issues to follow. They are directly from the universe of Diablo, so they must be faithful to it: the anatomical details, the attitudes, and the clothes. Jacob, on the other hand, is a young man who has not found his way yet. To take the parallel of the creation of a character, he is this young, light-leather-dressed, human being who has not chosen yet which class he is going to play. He comes from a walled village in the Badlands next to mount Arreat. His people are in conflict with wild and hostile barbaric tribes. He is propelled into an adventure that is much bigger than he is. At the beginning, he seems weak and resourceless but he’s going to reveal himself little by little and his fate (as we can see on the cover of the first issue) is going to cross that of Tyrael and his legendary sword.

    We’ve only seen issue one so far, and while none of the secret stuff mentioned in the above quote showed up, there was some insight into the game plot. The Barbarians of the northern lands are no longer as they were in Harrogath in D2X; they are now wild, murderous savages, driven into feral madness by the destruction of Mount Arreat. DiabloWikiBastion’s Keep, the fortress that DiabloWikiAzmodan‘s armies are attacking in Act Three, is not a Barbarian stronghold; it’s controlled by other humans living in the area, who (at least from the Sword of Justice info) likely regard Barbarians as nearly as dangerous a foe as the demons.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of welcome they give the Barbarian heroes in the game, and whether any roaming wild DiabloWikiBarbarian NPCs are encountered.

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