Diablo Comic #1 Reviewed

Thanks to The Eliminator for pointing us to IGN Comics, where the first review of the first issue of the Diablo III DiabloWikiSword of Justice comic book series is now online. The review doesn’t sound super-positive, but the review score is 8.0/10, which is pretty good. A quote:

Diablo #1 isn’t what one would call a rousing fantasy epic. Where it succeeds is in terms of characterization. Writer Aaron Williams displays a knack for dialogue. His execution ensures that Jacob comes across as more than another fantasy hero of humble origins. The frequent humor also helps lend this story a distinct voice of its own. The book is somber when it needs to be a slightly silly in other spots. Not unlike a lot of Blizzard games in that regard.

The art style doesn’t necessarily evoke the Diablo games, either. This is probably for the best, as whenever adaptations struggle to capture the look of the source material readers usually wind up with the hideous CG visuals of God of War or the “crosshatch like it’s 1993” approach in Gears of War. Joseph Lacroix’s pencils are fairly loose and scratchy but packed with plenty of energy. The real star is Dave Stewart, who proves why he’s still one of the best colorists in the business.

There’s not much about Diablo #1 that overtly cries “Diablo!!!” But it is a satisfying read, and that’s something far too few of the projects can ever claim.

More details and sample images can be seen in the DiabloWikiSword of Justice article in the DiabloWiki. Issue #1 had a street date of November 23, 2011, so it should now be available in your local comic store, or via online purchase. I’ve had a chance to read it and it’s more interesting/less cliche than I’d expected. Not just the typical fantasy, “young man finds a weapon and becomes a hero” story; at least not in issue one.

The only info in the comic that impacts on the Diablo III story is hinted at in the sample image I included above. That’s a Barbarian as seen in the comic, and while the protagonist is a young man of a Northern Tribe, but he is not a Barbarian. His people live in fortified cities, with strong walls to keep the Barbarians out, since they’ve become wild and feral and murderous in the twenty years since the destruction of Mount Arreat ripped the heart out of their civilization.

If the state of affairs in the comic ties directly into the plot of Diablo III, then it seems like DiabloWikiBastion’s Keep, a major plot point and key area in Act Three, will probably not be a Barbarian fortress, but one maintained by some other peoples — who may even regard the Barbarians as their enemies. By that light, if there are Barbarian NPCs seen in Act Three, they will probably be roaming wilders who are a bigger danger than the demons?

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8 thoughts on “Diablo Comic #1 Reviewed

  1. The flavour text on Juggernaut pretty much confirms Bastion’s Keep is a defense against the Barbarians.
    “I swear to you, we put a dozen arrows into him and he just stood back up. These so-called barbarians, these madmen of the north—there is no stopping them.” —Soldier of Bastion’s Keep

    • Also this from the Barbarian page at the official site:

      “If there are any barbarians left alive, they must truly be without hope. Perhaps this is the genesis of the rumors of monstrous things reported to resemble the barbarians in size and ferocity, but that are in reality nothing more than unreasoning, inhuman beasts. Could the destruction of not only their home but also their very beliefs have actually brought this magnificent race so low?”

  2. I got the book yesterday and read through it.  It’s not bad.  The writing is about what you would expect in a comic.  They have set up some interesting story arks.  I would suggest it to anyone that wants a little more story based in the Diablo universe.

  3. I have the scanned version of the comic, if someone is interested I can send it to you. Just e-mail me.

    • i have the digital version as well, but I thought it would be a bit blatant of a copyright violation to simply post it.  I don’t think it’s wrong to evaluate it for the lore/story info, though.

      • It’s actually worth getting it, given the low prize, but since my credit card has expired I had to find an alternative for the time being 😀 But even after reading it I wish to buy it.

  4. You didn’t know about Bastion’s Keep, Flux?  In the beta, playing a barbarian and asking Haedrig about his wife (during quest 4) gives you some interesting insight into their history.  Apparently, the Barbarian’s father was killed by an archer in Bastion’s keep.  The Barbarian climbed the walls and strangled him to death, tears in his eyes the whole time.

  5. Ok, can anyone help me out here?

    I’m trying to buy the comic but I can only find it at comixology (and that’s after the link on this post).

    Can anyone tell me how do you buy something from them? I can put it in my cart but there is no buy button (I registered). I can send it to myself as a gift but it looks like it’s a digital comic. Isn’t there a paper version?

    Can anyone tell me of a site that will ship to Europe?


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