Given that you’re reading this, the odds are that you’ve got some Diablo merch. Maybe a t-shirt, maybe an action figure, maybe one of the books or a calendar… but I’m pretty sure you’ve got less than this guy has. He’s started a blog just to document his collection, and with nearly 30 updates so far, there are sure to be some things you’ve never seen. Diablo stamps from Russia? Diablo drink coasters? Necromancer action figure?

    Those and many more can be seen in his collection, which he’s likely just scratched the surface of, in posts he’s made so far. Thanks to fmulder for the tip, and check that thread if you have some cool Diablo collectible stuff, since people, including me, are comparing their l3wtz.

    So how about it? Do any of you guys collect stuff also? Do you play with the toys and read the comic and squeeze the stress balls, or do you keep them under plastic and obsess over “mint” vs. “near mint” and gain pleasure simply from the having—your precious your precious?

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