@Diablo kept on Twittering away during Blizzcon and the day after, answering various fan questions about items and skills.

    I got a really important question about that demon hunter!!! I saw that bola/entangling stuff… So, will she use whips?—TheEliminator
    No current plan for whips as a weapon type. It’s been considered for demon hunter skills, but not currently planned.—Diablo

    The dev team didn’t go into how skills will be unlocked, will each skill be unlocked at key lvls?—TheEliminator
    Yes, the seven skill slots unlock at key levels. You’ll have all seven slots unlocked, ideally, before finishing Normal.—Diablo

    O that wasn’t want I wanted, but that is better info, Does this mean we can only have 1 skill from each tier?—DrHighlen
    No, you can mix and match as you please. It’s tiered to pace skill introduction as well as ramp up awesome, not limit it.—Diablo

    There 7 tiers and there is more then 1 skill in each could you pick more then 1 skill in the same tier and not pick one in another?—Diablo

    Yeah, you could pick all of your skills from the first couple tiers if you wanted. It’s completely open. Build options are huge.—Diablo

    DiabloWikiSkills in the new non-tree DiabloWikiskill trees were set on “tiers” every fifth level, from what I saw in the PvM demo. So there were 2 or 3 skills available at level 1, 2 or 3 more at level 5, 2 or 3 at level 10, and so on. There are no dependency lines or pre-reqs for skills, other than Clvl. The highest skills I saw were at level 25, (Wizard’s DiabloWikiTeleport for one) but if there are indeed 7 tiers, then presumably level 30 would be the top one. This is why @Diablo says that we should have access to all of them by the end of Normal difficulty, with their planned 30/50/60 level progression through the 3 difficulty levels.

    You won’t be anywhere near filling them all out, of course, but D3 is like D2 in that way; you can start using the highest level spells around the end of Normal assuming you aren’t like, level 3 at that point in the early stages of your Uber Tristram rush. *cough*

    DiabloWikiTraits are on tiers also, with much higher Clvl reqs. New traits became available every 4th level as they progressed, and I noted traits at Clvl 11, 15, 19, 23, 27, 31, 35, 39, 43, 47, 51, with the highest on any character at Clvl 55. There were some traits available right from the start, but I didn’t take note of the very start of the list, so I can’t say if they came on at level 1, 3, 5, 7, etc, before jumping to the every 4th level higher up. We’ll have much more on Traits and other new game mechanics in the days to come, as we get more of our new game info typed up and online.

    Also on @Diablo, Blizzard posted a short, tightly-edited, Best of Blizzcon video. You can see lots of quick shots of the shows, fans, tournaments, and more are included. Click through for that.

    Not shown; the perpetual 45+ minute line to play D3 PvM or Arena, vs. the perpetually half-full (half-deserted?) WoW:Cat and SC2 play zones. I was told that fan jokes about “dragging half those machines over to the D3 area and installing a game people actually want to play” didn’t go over real well.

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