Diablo Blizzard Interview Panel Highlights a new Direction for Blizzard

Diablo Blizzard Interview Panel Highlights a new Direction for Blizzard

The Diablo Immortal discussion continues today with a video from the Diablo Immortal interview panel which highlighted more than anything a new direction for Blizzard and their IPs.

During the discussion, they confirmed that some of their best developers are now working on mobile titles across multiple Blizzard IPs. Blizzard appears to be wanting to reach the younger mobile gaming audience but is also convinced that many of their gamers have shifted from desktop to playing on mobile.

We have many of our best developers working on new mobile titles, across all of our IPs. Some of them are with external partners like Diablo Immortal, many of them are being developed internally only.

I will say also we have more products in development now than we have ever had in our history and the future is very bright.

Diablo Immortal for the mobile device is being designed so everybody can play it from all ages and so where some of the PC products are mature rated, our goal is that this will not be mature rated. The mobile device is different in some important ways than PC and console. Convergence we believe is happening and the level of fidelity on the mobile devices is becoming very close to the kinds of games we can see on PC and console. There are some important differences though in play sessions and play patterns and control mechanic but one of the real and main reasons we are bringing Diablo Immortal to phones is that it gives us the opportunity to introduce Diablo to a much broader audience around the world that play games primarily on their phones, and in North America, a younger audience that play games primarily on their phones.

They do state at the end of the interview again that they are working on multiple Diablo titles and the PC audience will be catered for. Watch the video below.

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    17 thoughts on “Diablo Blizzard Interview Panel Highlights a new Direction for Blizzard

    1. Well, there you have it. I think that’s their way of saying “Fuck you losers.” They want their games to be all ages cell phone games going forward & they’ll give us a pity port when they feel like it. Keep hearing that guy saying ‘This is a full Diablo experience, on mobile.” BS. You can’t have a full Diablo experience on mobile. Hardcore mode? No. Trading? No. Gory gothic setting & graphics: No. Down beat soundtrack to accompany the graphics: No. The ability to make endless builds with dozens of skills: No. (Though to be fair, D3 doesn’t offer this either.) Precision control for skills like Corpse Explosion: No. Wow, sounds complete to me! What a bunch of Asshats. To quote the D2 Sorc: “If there was magic here, it’s long gone now.”

      • Diablo Immortal won’t become a pity port for PC at least. That game is designed to be exclusive for mobiles. They made that very clear on Blizzcon.

        The Diablo product for PC they are talking about in the end must be something else.

      • 1) We Diablo 3 PC Gamers got a dumbed-down game ported from the Consoles.

        2) Now with the advent of Diablo Immortal and its likes,
        we Diablo PC Gamers (and Diablo Colsole players) would soon get a dumbed-down Diablo game ported from the Smartphone!!

        This is *terrible*

    2. I should add developers & the shill game journals are trying to fulfill the prophecy of PC gaming dying because they can make more money from inferior products that cost 1/10th or less the budget of a great PC game on mobile phones. Make no mistake, Diablo was a cornerstone not just of Blizzard gaming, but of ALL PC gaming. The death of Diablo from PCs is going to go a long way in killing mainstream PC gaming.

      • PC gaming won’t die, it will just get new devs. Indie companies will come along and the next great thing will eventually pop up somewhere. Blizzard started small, got huge, and seems to now be just another one of the giants that value money over their customers. The nice thing about PC gaming is that it doesn’t matter if we don’t have anything brand new and shiny to play, we have a nearly infinite library of games that are great that can tide us over. Sure something new would be nice but I’m sure I can squeeze plenty of fun out of what we already have while we wait.

        • ^ This.

          And exactly this is why game preservation is very important. Even the videogame piracy scene is doing its part to achieve this goal. Without cracks that break online validations we would be at the mercy of Software-as-a-service companies like Steam or Blizzard.

          Now, try to preserve a mobile game. Good luck with that.

    3. One of the keystones of Diablo, the original, was the concept of different items changing how your character looked.

      This was one of its defining traits before it even had a heaven or hell setting, if I remember correctly. Even before there spells, abilities, characters, the people got together and said “let’s make a game where you can actually see the armor on your character that you have equipped.” Commonplace in a lot of games now, Diablo did it first.

      Diablo Immortal, in its current form anyway….your character always looks the same and never changes. It’s clear the priority has completely changed.

      This isn’t about doing something new. It’s about copying everyone else and getting a piece of the pie. This is Activision’s philosophy from day one. Blizzard began to die the moment they let Activision take control, and what we’re seeing now is the lifeless corpse flopping around, not realizing it’s dead yet.

    4. This is just about as bad as it can possibly get. Why does my favorite game have to be castrated because a company has clearly lost the vision it once had. I don’t feel good at all that Diablo was used as their stepping stone towards even more corporate greed. Diablo was one of the damn games that put Blizzard on the map. And you know what? It wasn’t really their creation to begin with, and we’ve seen what kind of Diablo game they can create on there own. I honestly think this was the plan all along and there was an internal timeline that plotted the course for all that is happening now. PC to multiple console releases to mobile and Diablo lost more of its soul with every step.
      I am not excited at all about the future of the franchise now. I thought just maybe they could pull their head out of their asses long enough to put something good together. I remember how excited I was at the announcement of D3, and at this point it almost brings a tear to my eye when I watch the video from Blizzcon of that announcement. The hope I had them was immeasurable. This whole debacle just kills my soul.

    5. I realized there was a glimmer of hope just before reading this article, I was about to comment that if they’ve outsourced Immortal, then all the hirings to Blizzard would indicate that something bigger is in the works, I mean, all those job listings would have had to go towards D4 or D2 remaster or something… But now that they say they have a bunch of internal projects toward mobile, I’m not so sure…
      I guess the sliver of hope left is that they state that they have mobile games internally in the works across multiple franchises, then since they have hired a lot towards Diablo if I’ve understood things correctly, D4 or D2HD might still be in the works since hopefully, the internal mobile projects are for non-diablo games, they can’t possibly be working on additional Diablo mobile games internally? Can they?

    6. So, by saying this

      “Diablo Immortal for the mobile device is being designed so everybody can play it from all ages and so where some of the PC products are mature rated, our goal is that this will not be mature rated.”

      It means that we can kiss goodbye the corpses and blood and shit that made Diablo 1 what it was.


    7. It seems that older players still don’t get it. Nobody today in the corporate world wants to make a product that lasts long.

      You want to play one game for 20-30 years and don’t want to buy another? Well that’s a disaster for gaming companies. Games have to be shallow so that you play them for some time and quickly buy another.

      New generations are trained to this business model. They don’t have patience for playing some strategies months and months. Their mind set is different, they need instant joy in small period of time, then move fast to next experience, etc….

      This model brings more money to companies. It would not surprise me if they have a deal between themselves on producing such games.

      If you are old enough just look how long other products last today. Your cars, appliances, electronics, TV’s, mobiles,…..Why would games be different?

      • Time to get compensation for producing all this information the information industrie is so keen in making money from. Reflected into an allaround sociooeconomic basic income, gaming development could emancipate itselves from the biggest dependencies putting them into the grips of company side money whores while leaving the players with enough money to kickstart [or otherwise invest into] more expensive projects. This small differentiation would be enough: The people produce the information through gadgets, credit cards, internet usage, …, while the Big Data industry collects, manipulates and works with said people produced information.

      • Still waiting on you to back up just ONE of your claims from your other post, fella. And here you are doing it again. Like you have your finger on the pulse of the gaming market and player mentalities. I’ve been playing video games for over 30 years, and I will play them until the day I die. Not one time have I played ANY Of them over and over again for 20 or 30 years. I like new, fresh, fun, advanced. I am the ‘demographic’ you think you know so well, and I am here to tell you straight from the horse’s mouth, taking any game mobile is a death sentence. How many people still play Fallout Shelter? How many people are still playing Super Mario GO or whatever the hell that game is? Pokemon GO is dying or dead, too. And guess what? Those franchises have their parent companies STILL making new PC and console versions, because mobile can’t cut it.

    8. It was a long time since I heard Bobby Kotick mentioned, who has the final say at Blizzard these days? I really don’t have any idea who is calling the shots anymore since I haven’t cared about their products for over 10 years now.

    9. The great fear is to have Diablo:Immortal become successful enough that Blizzard then decides to make D4 more kid freindly and dumb it down even more than D3 was.

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