The Diablo Immortal discussion continues today with a video from the Diablo Immortal interview panel which highlighted more than anything a new direction for Blizzard and their IPs.

    During the discussion, they confirmed that some of their best developers are now working on mobile titles across multiple Blizzard IPs. Blizzard appears to be wanting to reach the younger mobile gaming audience but is also convinced that many of their gamers have shifted from desktop to playing on mobile.

    We have many of our best developers working on new mobile titles, across all of our IPs. Some of them are with external partners like Diablo Immortal, many of them are being developed internally only.

    I will say also we have more products in development now than we have ever had in our history and the future is very bright.

    Diablo Immortal for the mobile device is being designed so everybody can play it from all ages and so where some of the PC products are mature rated, our goal is that this will not be mature rated. The mobile device is different in some important ways than PC and console. Convergence we believe is happening and the level of fidelity on the mobile devices is becoming very close to the kinds of games we can see on PC and console. There are some important differences though in play sessions and play patterns and control mechanic but one of the real and main reasons we are bringing Diablo Immortal to phones is that it gives us the opportunity to introduce Diablo to a much broader audience around the world that play games primarily on their phones, and in North America, a younger audience that play games primarily on their phones.

    They do state at the end of the interview again that they are working on multiple Diablo titles and the PC audience will be catered for. Watch the video below.

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