Diablo at BlizzCon 2018 – What can we expect?

Diablo at BlizzCon 2018 – What can we expect?

BlizzCon is about to kick off and while Blizzard has tempered expectations of a Diablo 4 announcement they could be gearing up for some kind of news.

Diabloii.Net won’t be attending BlizzCon this year, it has been a rather pointless exercise in previous years, and it doesn’t sound like this year will be much different. Unless…

The main point of speculation is the possibility of some kind of remaster announcement, and indeed that’s what most fans are waiting for this year. Blizzard has been ramping up their job openings for Diablo titles and they say themselves there are multiple projects in the works so perhaps this would be a good time for a remaster to appear to keep fans happy while they figure out how to create a fourth game that won’t fall foul of all the Diablo 3 mistakes. A remaster could be wishful thinking though because when it comes to Diablo, Blizzard does a damn good job at disappointing the community time and time again. I hope this year I am wrong and a remaster is miraculously announced.

There has been some speculation that something will be happening thanks to a map which was pushed out for Corsair which shows an extra unnamed area next to the demo area. This could be for anything but it has got fans wondering whether something rather important will be in this demo area. We shall know soon enough.

corsair BlizzCon 2018

We won’t be keeping too close an eye on BlizzCon this year but will push out any important news that may be of interest to the Diablo community. This is mainly because the site has just come under new ownership and I am in the process of organising bits and pieces for that transition.

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    10 thoughts on “Diablo at BlizzCon 2018 – What can we expect?

    1. Actually, there are two blocks on that map, not marked on the official map:
      The one next to Corsair
      The one next to the Diablo area labelled ‘Demo Area’, that we all speculated would be for a demo are.

    2. ………a mobile diablo game.

      PRECISELY what I didn’t want to hear. What a joke this series has become. I hope HORRIBLE things happen to Wyatt Cheng.

      • I can’t believe it. To add insult to injury he started saying they love diablo. That’s it folks, move along, nothing to see here. Forget about this franchise already.

    3. Mobile D3 spin-off … Whyat got super nervous lol, fearing to be stoned to death.

      I wonder if he popped a xanex or two before coming onto the stage and announcing this shit.

      I don’t have hope for D4, but if they at least give us a D2 Remastered like SC Remastered, then I am fine. It will be the closing Diablo chapter for me.

    4. “A remaster could be wishful thinking though because when it comes to Diablo, Blizzard does a damn good job at disappointing the community time and time again.”

      Rushter was on point.

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