Diablo Artwork – Pictorial Demonstration

John Polidora, Blizzard Artist's blogThe Artist’s Stage made a popular return at this year’s DiabloWikiBlizzcon.  These sessions enable the Blizzard artists to demonstrate their impressive skills to fans and also answer any questions they may have.

One of the artists demonstrating this year was John Polidora and while you may not recognise the name you will know his work. He created the fabulous piece you see on the right, here in its initial stages. Click the image to visit his blog where he has a collection of pictures which will take you through to completion.

Thanks to softshack for mailing this in.

We previously posted about John’s artwork from Blizzcon, as he drew the amazing portrait of Azmodan that was used for a splash background during many of the Diablo 3 panels. That post also linked to John’s DA page, where you can see much more of his WoW and SC artwork.

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5 thoughts on “Diablo Artwork – Pictorial Demonstration

  1. I got to see some of this when I was at Blizzcon.  It was going on at the same time that the Black soulstone panel was going on.  Here is a pic I took.

  2. Go to his blog and click on “blizzard art,” check out the piece with a bunch of guys holding guns… never seen this before, doesnt look like any of their current gaming universes.  the caption is JP Devil… Due Robbery Scene… is this artwork from a new IP?  or is it something that everyone else already knows about?

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