Diablo Anniversary: Final Push!

OK, so a month ago we started the Diablo Anniversary Mosaic project as a joint effort between all Diablo fansites to recreate that StarCraft II Mosaic Blizzard did, but for Diablo-lovers.

Now, we have been in contact with Blizzard, who did not confirm or deny any official celebrations for the Tuesday of next week, but DiabloWikiBashiok implied there was a chance of some promotion of our project from Blizzard.

Either way, it’s quite possibly very much up to us, to give this 29th of June a good and proper celebration. In case you forgot, just look at the picture. Three major Diablo events fall on that date.

We have started to take this a little bit more seriously here at Diablo: IncGamers as well, and you can now see pics of admin Rushster and myself (Leord) in the gallery, and we’re hoping you will help us increase of interest in the next three days before the submission deadline.

If you want to help show those StarCrafters that we’re able to provide love-pics without a massive Blizzard prize as a motivator, you should know it doesn’t have to be a photo (although that is the coolest way to do it). You can make whatever picture you want, but keep to the theme “Love of Diablo” one way or another. So, a photo of you and your Diablo box, your Diablo collection or just a pic with a cow made in MS Paint would be cool.

Just remember it needs to be 800×600 pixel resolution! You can upload here and that’s it!

The number of fansites involved has increased since May, so if you want to keep up to date, check the Diablo 2010 Anniversary Mosaic page in DiabloWiki.

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1 thought on “Diablo Anniversary: Final Push!

  1. To assume that ‘few people will be running around with these powers’ is totally preposterous, why are so many of you denying the fact that Enigma was a shambles? In todays era ultra-rarity is a luxury that simply cannot be guaranteed, especially with the growing popularity of microtransactions, etc. Hackers/dupers will always be prevalent (yes in D3 too!).

    Personally I think class-specific skills should be left as they are, class specific. Sure minor oskills like ‘buffs’ are fine but introducing the teleport skill to a barbarian? C’mon dudes thats just silly, part of the appeal about static classes is that it makes each class more unique and individual.

    Blizzard should just concentrate on making each class distinctive and fun to play, forget all this optimistic ‘oskills’ jive!

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